IP Address Blog Updates for April 25, 2012

Jaguar Logo Redesign – Unleashing the Animal! http://zite.to/I6VdUg

Canadians Lead World in Web Usage: We Double the Global Average of Time Spent Online [Study] http://zite.to/IAbdOq

‘Hurt Locker’ Sue 2,514 Over Copyright Infringement http://zite.to/I0bnO4

Movie boss: Hollywood and Silicon Valley must jointly protect intellectual property http://zite.to/IEglRg

Nissan Gets Hacked, Target Could’ve Been Intellectual Property http://zite.to/IEgjsy

Art is Long; Copyrights Can Even Be Longer http://zite.to/JxoaM1

Facebook’s massive patent purchase from Microsoft: 4 theories http://zite.to/ICHDrx

Google’s Schmidt: Sun Was Comfortable With Java’s Use in Android http://zite.to/ICHqER

Google Acquires Circuit City Home Video Rental Patents http://zite.to/IrX47y

London Marathon website goof leaks 38,000 contact details http://zite.to/IaEi5F

Facebook Fight in Germany Leads to Battle Over Privacy http://zite.to/IrWBC6

ITC judge: Apple infringes on Motorola mobility patent http://zite.to/IrVLp8

Apple CEO on legal spats: I prefer to settle http://zite.to/Imx2hY

Oracle confronts Google’s Eric Schmidt about Java http://bit.ly/I9bVpH

Apple Found to Violate One Patent on Android Phones http://bloom.bg/I7MXTX


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