IP Address Blog Updates for April 30, 2012

Apple sued over iPad cover http://zite.to/IacYjc

Yahoo claims Facebook bought patents to countersue it http://zite.to/IJ9c0S

TV Now is the latest Internet-based DVR service to find courtroom trouble http://zite.to/JkxHQT

Google patent app points to possible Nexus slider phone http://zite.to/IJ8ErR

Supreme Court: Generic drugmaker may sue over brand patent http://zite.to/IJ8AbF

Cochlear accused of copyright breach http://zite.to/IzQj4S

Apple vs. Samsung: Settlement talks scheduled for May 21-22 http://zite.to/IJ8jFx

From A for Anonymous to Z for Zero-day attack | The ABCs of cybersecurity http://bit.ly/KliaRy

Interesting article on brand protection & licensing of Marilyn Monroe & other deceased celebrities http://bit.ly/IMHB1R

Canada | CFIA ssues reminder that trademarks on foods sold in Canada must meet truth in advertising laws http://bit.ly/IfhFZ7

Yahoo Asserts Two New Patents Against Facebook http://ow.ly/azmY0


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