IP Address Blog Updates for May 17, 2012

FTC announces that Sketchers paid $40 million USD to settle toning sneaker false advertising claims http://read.bi/KAw5Hz

Toronto area lawyer contacted on a “We built a website for you” hacking attempt (AvoidAClaim) http://ow.ly/aQSez (via @DanPinnington)

Trademark infringement scam by Lily Wang targets Ontario lawyers (AvoidAClaim) http://ow.ly/aXjFt (via @DanPinnington)

Op-ed on alcohol sales in Ontario | Why the LCBO should be abolished http://bit.ly/KWAKAj

Grooveshark vs. Digital Music News In Los Angeles Court Today http://zite.to/JBoLdP

The Beastie Boys Lawsuit: An Existential Question About Intellectual Property http://zite.to/KZBB3d

Ailing Nokia falls back on patents legacy http://zite.to/K9vUOQ

The IP Wars as “Competition” http://zite.to/KZBchc

UPDATE: US Appeals Court Issues Mixed Ruling In Apple-Samsung Patent Case http://zite.to/KZBc0L

Nvidia, Intellectual Ventures Buy Wireless Tech Patents http://zite.to/KZB7Kn

Intellectual Property Constituency Asks ICANN to Reconsider Digital Archery Batching http://zite.to/KZB5ST

Tech Tips: Avoiding Intellectual Property Issues on Twitter http://zite.to/KZB29C

Apple outmaneuvers Motorola in Florida litigation, gets lawsuits consolidated and delayed http://zite.to/L464CM

Patent troll tries to mangle hand craft site Etsy http://zite.to/JGS4v6

Staying Off Facebook Won’t Protect Your Privacy http://zite.to/Jf0ygB

Oracle tells jury “clean room” not enough to avoid patent infringement http://zite.to/KZAGzN

Judge warns Oracle could end up with nothing in IP trial http://zite.to/JEyO20

Apple granted patent for iOS steering-wheel remote http://zite.to/KMRSeK

Canadian government eliminates Social Insurance Number cards partly due to privacy concerns http://bit.ly/KqqNzt

A year in trademarks: Functionality, dilution… and goats http://bit.ly/L3dJet

Apple legal war on Samsung tablets gains new strength http://bit.ly/Kbodrz

Top 10 Emerging Whisky Trends http://bit.ly/JcYW6N

Date = $$$ | Facebook’s Prospects May Rest on Trove of Data http://nyti.ms/JcWFZl

Alleged Wine Counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan Indicted http://bit.ly/JficdB

In India, It’s Voroline For Chapped Lips http://buswk.co/IvOaYg

Facebook looking for comments on proposed updates to FB Data Use Policy: deadline 5pm PDT May18/12 http://ow.ly/aTULE

Body Armor founder responds aggressively to media coverage of Under Armour trademark lawsuit. http://tinyurl.com/c4b5v43

US | Marker’s Mark has the exclusive right to use dripping red wax bottle seal trademark http://usat.ly/IV7IoB

Latest Canadian TM Wares & Services Manual updates focus on descriptions for food & pharmaceutical products, banking services

Honeywell is digging in against Nest in its thermostat patent-infringement case http://cnet.co/KB0NT1

Google infringed on Oracle Java software rights, jury finds http://natpo.st/JXCIAX

French vintners getting hip to wine label confusion http://bit.ly/IHROiy

Of all our beloved IP rights, only trademarks can truly cheat death. http://bit.ly/It8cO2 @Joshua_S_Jarvis

Theft of confidential info case between Hooters and Twin Peaks settles http://bit.ly/It5Zlz

EU’s top court: APIs can’t be copyrighted, would “monopolise ideas” http://zite.to/KvzSCu

Judge: An IP-Address Doesn’t Identify a Person (or BitTorrent Pirate) http://zite.to/K48iz0

Despite decision, Motorola-Microsoft patent lawsuits continue to play out http://zite.to/J30Ft1 via

Intellectual Property News on Nokia, Motorola Mobility, Stichting: http://zite.to/J30oGs

Patent Deals Bring Antitrust Attorneys to the Table http://zite.to/Jx9Gsu

What an End to the Apple-Samsung Patent War Might Mean For Consumers http://zite.to/K0vNf8

Microsoft loses latest patent skirmish in Germany to Motorola http://zite.to/J306zl

Understanding the IP Wars http://zite.to/IB2xvm

Nokia cites 45 patents in lawsuits against HTC, RIM, Viewsonic http://zite.to/J2Z7Pu

Keeping Secrets on Facebook http://zite.to/KwShiq

UK crime agency site taken down http://zite.to/JPVU3w

CA: Applying privacy Act to prevent union from collecting images of “scabs” crossing picket line unconstitutional http://www.albertacourts.ab.ca/jdb/2003-/ca/civil/2012/2012abca0130.pdf @supremeadvocacy

Judge scolds Apple over ‘frivolous’ lawsuit filings http://cnet.co/IUN9Yb

Unwired Planet to focus on patent licensing & enforcement | Unwired Planet sets sail on patent offensive http://cnet.co/IUN5Yt

Apple doesn’t want jurors to see Samsung logo at trial http://cnet.co/IUuGcT

NY judge in Hermes’ fakes case: search engines & social media sites to block links/search results for fakes websites http://bit.ly/IosPzG

Pinterest teams up with Flickr, Behance, Vimeo, and YouTube to quiet copyright concerns http://zite.to/JBtAUV

Hermès Wins $100 Million Judgment in Counterfeit Case; 34 Knock Off Websites Are Forced To Shutter http://bit.ly/IosPjt

In Southern Italy, Fake Euros That Even the Police Admire http://nyti.ms/JJJTxB


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