IP Address Blog Updates for May 18, 2012

@lorrainefleck named an IP tweeter to follow by @ipwatchdog http://www.ipwatchdog.com/2012/05/11/ip-tweeters-you-should-be-following-on-twitter/id=24741/

Article on beer marketing | A new twist on tried-and-true brews http://bit.ly/JXopz0

Patent Dispute Holds Up Sales of 2 HTC Phones in U.S. http://nyti.ms/KdSRCB

US | It’s Tinkerers v. Hollywood as Copyright Office Mulls New Jailbreaking Rules http://bit.ly/Mps3nl

Plavix Set to Lose Patent Protection http://nyti.ms/JADEhI

Pernod Coins New Cuban Brand For US To Replace Disputed Havana Club http://on.wsj.com/J1Csjk

Freeing Ford’s Logo From Debtors’ Prison http://buswk.co/JAK0xk

Judge dismisses piracy suits, says IP address doesn’t confirm state http://cnet.co/JmSfNo

Safe passwords and the Rule of 8 http://bit.ly/JAArP6

Twitter Joins ‘Do Not Track’ Ranks http://on.wsj.com/JACJh7

Good article on gift cards in Canada – more than slapping your trademark on a piece of plastic http://natpo.st/JABFde

Worth a read: Troubling report about the impact of counterfeit drugs in Pakistan http://bloom.bg/JOWlgH via @pofip

Socialcam closes hole that enabled accidental sharing http://cnet.co/KdZuoF

Oracle Flaunts HP Internal Memos in Battle of Itanium http://bit.ly/KdY51o

Oops! Yahoo blunders in Facebook patent squabble http://cnet.co/KdYMaN

Google Patent Suggests New Direction For Project Glass Augmented Reality Interface http://bit.ly/KdYtNm

EFF: Prosecutors want location data via a Twitter shortcut http://cnet.co/KdYUat

Intellectual property news on Time Warner, USPTO Backlog, Skechers http://bloom.bg/KdYDo1

Apple Patent Application Lends Credence to Retina-Display Mac Rumors http://bit.ly/JAN4tv

Humphrey Bogart ‘Casablanca’ Photo on Facebook Prompts Lawsuit Against Burberry http://bit.ly/KdVSTI via @eriqgardner

Progress for Calif. bill to stop employers’ social-media snooping http://cnet.co/KdYP6D

To Warrant or Not to Warrant? ACLU, Police Clash Over Cellphone Location Data http://bit.ly/Mps9eD

Lone Anon hater claims responsibility for Pirate Bay attack http://cnet.co/KdX5ua

Mobile Wars: VeriFone Caught Copying Square’s User Agreement http://buswk.co/JAKzXW

Humphrey Bogart ‘Casablanca’ Photo on Facebook Prompts Lawsuit Against Burberry http://bit.ly/KdVSTI

EA must defend NCAA conspiracy lawsuit http://reut.rs/KdWHMc

A Crackdown on Patently Absurd Lawsuits http://buswk.co/JIYnNv

New HTC Android Phones Redesigned to Avoid Infringing Apple’s Patents http://ti.me/KdTCvB

Interesting article on alleged ambush marketing in pro hockey | TV beer battles come to a head http://bit.ly/J4pimM via @globeandmail

Adidas sues Big 5 over trademark infringement – http://bit.ly/J2rEm


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