IP Address Blog Updates for May 23, 2012

Former CFO’s misguided tweets may leave company facing SEC action http://bit.ly/LoIIC0 via @BusInsRZolkos

Gucci wins $4.7m damages over Guess infringement: Italian luxury label Gucci has won its trademark infringement … http://bit.ly/KBiU79 via @ipmagazine

Canada’s Trade-marks Office now has a database for sound mark applications http://bit.ly/LqjLpD

Louis Vuitton is most valuable luxury brand: Top 100 list http://zite.to/KNHYHx

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Refuses to Give Up Passwords http://zite.to/Lqd72D

I turned off all my privacy settings for three weeks. Here’s what happened http://ow.ly/axuou Must read from LifeHacker via @DanPinnington

Judge Strikes Down California’s Artists’ Royalties Law http://zite.to/JsSHMg

Security: Prepared for the EU’s New Data Protection Regulation? http://zite.to/JmW8TA

Brussels wants e-identities for EU citizens http://zite.to/KBZdva

Anonymous Leaks 1.7 GB Justice Department Database http://zite.to/KyaFX3

Tom Watson: ‘Privacy commissioner’ needed for digital age http://zite.to/JmVNjJ

FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit http://zite.to/JTlEPH

Why Samsung must negotiate. Why Apple won’t settle. http://zite.to/K7sCzb

Next Ford Transit Connect revealed in new patent filings? http://zite.to/JmVyVV

Oklahoma State University tries to patent a steak (Wired UK) http://zite.to/JmVu8J

Motorola lawsuit judge recommends Xbox 360 S sales ban in U.S. http://zite.to/JmVp4Q

Top Twitter Abbreviations You Need to Know http://zite.to/MEdOLp

What You Need To Know about ICO’s “Cookie” Law http://zite.to/Kajw4p

A big patent win for e-retailers http://zite.to/MF0SVB

Facebook Settles Sponsored Stories Lawsuit, Terms Not Yet Disclosed http://zite.to/JmURMa

Good: Patent backlog down to 640,000. Bad: Patent backlog 640,000 deep http://zite.to/KuBtNM

Intellectual Property Appellate Board rules ‘Ayur’ can’t be trademark http://zite.to/JmUuBx

IP: A new way to pay for intellectual property infringement litigation http://zite.to/JmUoJV

Would FYX’s global mode have breached copyright? http://zite.to/JmUj99

USPTO Posts Comments on Genetic Diagnostic Testing http://zite.to/Ky8TW5

Patent Wars: The Battle For Intelligence Ownership [Infographic] http://zite.to/Ky8QJY

Samsung asks court to impose sanctions on Apple for allegedly withholding evidence http://zite.to/JmU7Xu

Where most of Nortel’s $4.5B patent collection ended up http://zite.to/KS0QFI

Samsung accuses Apple experts of “slavish adoration of their client”, blames “cult-like following” http://zite.to/KDTg54

The Canadian angle in the Rockstar Consortium | How Apple and Microsoft Armed 4,000 Patent Warheads http://zite.to/KXUcjB

Did Patent Foe Yahoo Ask The USPTO To Invalidate Zuckerberg’s News Feed Patent? http://zite.to/JmiHaR

Apple scourge Lodsys continues patent rampage against developers, corporations http://zite.to/JmdbVP

Facebook Settles Claims in Lawsuit Over ‘Sponsored Stories’ http://zite.to/JmiyV3

Google grabs six new Project Glass patents http://zite.to/KS0cIb via @zite

Ford Regains Blue Oval Logo: The Blue Oval is back where it belongs http://bit.ly/JEzsyK via @brandchannelhub

Kodak loses patent case to RIM, Apple http://bit.ly/JimiUa

Canada | Supreme Court justice retires, gives Prime Minister opportunity to appoint majority of the Court’s judges http://bit.ly/KJehKi

Lawsuit filed on the same day as the IPO | Facebook Hit With $15 Billion User Tracking Lawsuit – http://on.mash.to/J6j71E via @mashable

Interesting | Trademark-free marketing: should other companies follow Ford’s example? http://bit.ly/L2TQVB via @WTRmagazine & @CeeJayMcLeod

Since 1980, there have been about 2,400 tech, internet and telecom IPOs. @NYTimes has a great interactive graph: http://nyti.ms/JoN0so via @thomsonreuters


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