IP Address Blog Updates for May 24, 2012

Please join the LES Toronto Chapter June 14 for Winning Ways to Resolve Licensing Disputes (previous slated for Mar 29): http://bit.ly/LgPSsl

Don’t expect a patent offensive from victorious Google http://cnet.co/KdgNZk

Malware increases on all platforms, McAfee says http://cnet.co/KdgKg9

Internet | Proposed NY ban on anonymous posts comes under fire http://cnet.co/KdgFt5

Google’s Android software didn’t infringe Oracle patents, jury says http://natpo.st/Kdeh5r

This might anger brand owners as well | Lady Gaga angers Thai fans with fake Rolex comment http://bit.ly/KdeaH7

Lindt Can’t Seek Trademark on Chocolate Bunnies, EU Court Says http://bloom.bg/KddMIy

Huawei files EU antitrust complaint over InterDigital’s alleged refusal to license key 3G patents http://bloom.bg/KddJfS

Universities may claim ownership in the next Facebook http://natpo.st/JZFoPK

If a Business Owner Dies, Who Can Access the Web? http://on.wsj.com/KTLMtC

Facebook gets an A- for fighting ‘digital hate,’ Twitter gets incomplete http://bit.ly/Kdcv4q

Oracle ruling a win for ‘entire Android ecosystem,’ Google says http://bit.ly/KdcwoP

Judge orders law student to hand over Facebook pics http://www.canadianlawyermag.com/4157/judge-orders-law-student-to-hand-over-facebook-pics.html?utm_source=responsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20120507_CLNewswires via @jonfestinger

FTC finds POM Wonderful health claims misleading; continues enforcement trend against deceptive health ads http://bit.ly/JI54Dn

IBM Outlaws Siri, Worried She Has Loose Lips http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/05/ibm-bans-siri/ via @ThiloAgthe


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