IP Address Blog Updates for June 4, 2012

32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow http://nyti.ms/KXKRHa

Mannheim, Germany is apparently the best for patent infringement | The Best Places for Various Lawsuits http://buswk.co/M52WRD

Pay-Per-View Wrestles With Bar Owners http://buswk.co/M528fi

Can you teach an old brand new tricks? | How Pernod is trying to rejuvenate its Ricard liquer http://buswk.co/M51WNj

IP news on Google, Cisco, Amazon, RIM, and the Weinstein Co. http://bloom.bg/LeWIh5

Why your cell phone is ripe for spam texts in 2012 http://reut.rs/LevOs2

The FBI believes that IPv6 addresses could hinder criminal investigations http://cnet.co/Norqbx

Hackers claim breach of China Telecom, Warner Bros. networks http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-57446348-83/hackers-claim-breach-of-china-telecom-warner-bros-networks/

US | Judge rules that Google did not violate Oracle’s JAVA copyrights, since no copyright in APIs http://cnnmon.ie/L70nPE

Facebook to Let Users Vote On Privacy Changes http://ti.me/M4dXGF

Report: Facebook is working on technology which could allow kids under 13 to use the site with parental controls http://on.wsj.com/M4dnJd

Patent Peace: Yahoo and Facebook in Advanced Negotiations to Settle Fractious Infringement Lawsuits http://dthin.gs/MaPI9s

The rise of social network apps for sharing with those who are really your friends (as opposed to the entire world) http://nyti.ms/KWPVMj

Expert Issues a Cyberwar Warning http://nyti.ms/KqDaNt

US District Court judge endorses evidence obtained from predictive coding software http://bit.ly/KqD9sT

Are Web domains .lol and .sucks coming soon? http://natpo.st/KqCrM6

Off topic: Is Photographing A Meal ‘Taking Intellectual Property Away’ From A Chef? http://zite.to/KI7r6Y via @TransatlanticTM

Canada | RIM wins BBM trade-mark dispute http://bit.ly/LNZOd6

Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban sales of sugary drinks > 16 oz. to combat obesity. Will other cities follow suit? http://mobile.bloomberg.com/news/2012-05-31/nyc-mayor-bloomberg-seeks-ban-on-super-size-soft-drinks?category=%2Fnews%2Fmostread%2F

Canada | Bill which would allow for importation of wine between provinces back on track after procedural error http://bit.ly/KYn1bi

Google patents view augmentation method and glasses, sees what you cannot http://zite.to/L2rMpR

New Massive Cyber-Attack an ‘Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Sensitive Information’ http://bit.ly/LY9kQR

New ‘cyberwarfare’ virus found in Middle East: researchers http://bit.ly/KCBH2Y

Health Canada not displaying much energy in regulating alcoholic energy drinks, to the dismay of Canadian distillers http://bit.ly/MT9fwQ

Apple, others settle with patent troll SimpleAir http://cnet.co/MRJD0O

Tiffany is trying to acquire rights to Elsa Peretti’s designs before she retires http://bit.ly/LsudB7 & http://onforb.es/KODFzy


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