IP Address Blog Updates for June 5, 2012

Interesting interview w/ @AmericanExpress Canada’s CEO on how social media has changed who controls a brand’s message http://bit.ly/KK59FL

Marketing movies on produce bought by the target audience | DreamWorks, Dole make ‘organic marketing connection’ http://bit.ly/LgFiko

Off topic – it’s amazing how the right product can boost an area’s fortunes | Louisville, Kentucky’s Bourbon Renewal http://bit.ly/KK1BmY

Canada’s Copyright Board levies new fees for using recorded music at events e.g. weddings, street parties, parades http://bit.ly/KHEQAi

United Nations views Flame as cybersecurity opportunity http://cnet.co/Mv9gbr

Flame malware network based on shadowy domains, fake names http://cnet.co/KJZvmV

US judge bars Apple’s lawyers from trying to make patent case an Apple-Android “popularity contest” http://bit.ly/KJYfQI

Patent trolls beware: app makers partnering up with legal community http://bit.ly/KJXCqq

Marketing | Captain Morgan’s Search for the Real Morgan’s Brand Treasure http://buswk.co/L0enfG

The Latest Domain-Name Gold Rush http://buswk.co/JQoy8B

TiVo countersues Cisco as DVR patent battle heats up http://reut.rs/KJUPxx

Twitter is beta testing an age-gating tool which would allow alcohol marketers to verify the age of their followers http://bit.ly/KJUFWI

Ad Networks Bypass iPhone Privacy Rules http://on.wsj.com/KJTXZK (subscription required)

How the book publishing industry fought back against piracy – and won | What To Do When Attacked by Pirates http://on.wsj.com/KJT6Iw

RIM sued for alleged patent infringement over operating system http://dthin.gs/KJSKS2

Facebook’s CEO Pressed by Lawmakers on Users Under Age 13 http://bloom.bg/L0hgNx

Oracle’s Legal Defeat Means Less Cash From Java Sales http://bloom.bg/L0hfZQ

Apple Denied Ban on Samsung Tablet Computer Sales in U.S. http://bloom.bg/L0h8xu

Labatt threatens to sue newspaper over photo showing alleged killer Magnotta posing with a bottle of Labatt Blue beer http://bit.ly/MxgX0P

Cisco Has Enough Of TiVo Patent Claims, Files To Invalidate TiVo Patents http://zite.to/M8Fv9P

Rethinking Privacy in an Era of Big Data http://zite.to/JPnK3V

Samsung drops patent ahead of busy litigation week with Apple http://zite.to/LcW2Np

Scope of next week’s Apple-Motorola trial in Chicago could still be narrowed http://zite.to/M8EZZA

Oracle sues patent troll Lodsys, hopes to invalidate all its patents http://zite.to/M8EQFu

Google grows IP arsenal with mobile patents from Magnolia Broadband http://zite.to/M8EHC1

Twitter Raids Design Firm Nclud for Talent and IP http://zite.to/KGXg3R

Nikon Patents In-Camera Feature for Sharper Panning Photographs http://zite.to/M1IxgF

Canada’s Trade-marks Office now accepts PO boxes, not only street addresses, for an applicant’s address on trademark applications

Article on Canadian copyright dispute in headstones via @Ipkat http://bit.ly/NAcbMR


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