IP Address Blog Updates for June 11, 2012

Report: Apple may seek U.S. ban of Samsung Galaxy S III today http://cnet.co/Nsz2w7

Facebook to reveal cyberbullies who harassed woman http://cnet.co/Nsz07B

eHarmony says no other info stolen following password hack http://cnet.co/NsyUg8

Advertising | Apple to pay $2 million for misleading Aussies over 4G iPad http://bit.ly/NsyGFN

Whopping .038% of Facebook users vote on data use policy change http://bit.ly/KhaR42

How long ago did the Last.fm security breach happen? http://cnet.co/Nsypmq

US | DOJ tries to block return of data to MegaUpload user http://cnet.co/N2Yb1t

Meet Tom Lowe, The Filmmaker Who Talked Back To The Pirate Bay http://tcrn.ch/Npw8rZ

Political domain squatters look to 2020 http://cnnmon.ie/N2XqFC

ICM proposes more racy gTLD domain names; brand owners may have to spend more money on registrations to defend brands http://cnnmon.ie/N2XlSl

Privacy Quiz: Are You A Mark Zuckerberg Or A Marc Rotenberg? http://onforb.es/Nsxlin

The Twitter Screw-Ups Hall of Fame http://buswk.co/Nsx3YP

Patents | Keeping America’s Best Ideas Under Wraps http://buswk.co/NswKx2

How Social Media Is Changing CRM http://buswk.co/LzYcZ6

Lax Security at LinkedIn Is Laid Bare http://nyti.ms/NsvPg4

Apple to Release New Tracking Tool for Apps http://on.wsj.com/Nsvc6b

Premium beer sector set for further growth to 2016 – research http://bit.ly/NsumXk

Marketing | The Fine-Wine World Continues to Look East http://on.wsj.com/NsujL5

Kodak’s Patent Allure Fades http://on.wsj.com/NstZvG

LinkedIn, eHarmony password breaches highlight Web’s weak link http://natpo.st/Nss5v5

BC | Underage liquor agents seen by store owners as entrapment http://bit.ly/NsrFVv

A sign of the future? | Auto Trader magazine victim of digital shift http://bit.ly/Lhc06N

Pinterest hires ex-Google deputy general counsel as head of lega; to deal with copyright concerns http://read.bi/K7q6eE

Perhaps | Can You Actually Go To Jail For Downloading Pirated Movies?http://bit.ly/MrskB8

Good ideas for lawyers tweeting http://bit.ly/LvKlQd  via @cordellparvin

Important social media question for employees | Who owns the online me, anyway? http://bit.ly/MOunpj

B.C. wines stuck behind online trade barriers http://bit.ly/NWohQp

Canada | Law allowing private inter-provincial wine shipments http://bit.ly/NWnVcL

New Jersey AG Sues Children’s App Developer for COPPA Violations http://ow.ly/bs7Lx via @WinstonPrivacy


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