IP Address Blog Updates for June 13, 2012

Dot-Anything: How the Internet Will Get New Domain Name Suffixes http://ti.me/LvJgKG

LinkedIn says to provide extra security layer http://reut.rs/LvFwca

Global Payments: Consumer data may also have been stolen http://cnet.co/LvIdu9

“Defensive Patent License” created to protect innovators from trolls http://bit.ly/LzBWwn

Op-ed | Why It’s Never Been Easier To Be A Successful Inventor http://onforb.es/LoQh0A

U.K. to reopen probe of Google Street View data collection http://cnet.co/LvIEoj

Can You Identify These 12 Brands By Their Trademarked Colors Alone? http://read.bi/LvCQvb

French Publisher Group Strikes Deal With Google Over E-Books http://nyti.ms/Nud8J1

Feds Arrest ‘Kurupt’ Carding Kingpin? http://bit.ly/KjNq9h

Experts warn of shortage of U.S. cyber pros http://reut.rs/Ll7CUa

POP QUIZ: Do You Know What These Famous Brand Acronyms Stand For? http://read.bi/MAJJHM

Will Canada’s Berlin Wine Wall come down? http://bit.ly/MqeTVr

Warner Bros. Sets Licensing for ‘Batman’ Show http://goo.gl/NIecG

Licensing Produces Revenue for Automakers http://goo.gl/vPGJ0


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