IP Address Blog Updates for June 21, 2012

Kodak says Apple, FlashPoint want to “delay and derail” patent sale http://bit.ly/NYtye7 

Oracle accepts $0 in damages from Google, moves toward appeal http://bit.ly/NYsQh2 

Microsoft demurs at Motorola patent settlement offer http://reut.rs/NYsuXy 

Apple fined in Australia for misleading iPad advertising http://reut.rs/NYsnvh 

South African government proposing alcohol advertising ban http://bit.ly/NYsff7 

UK | Nike is first company to have Twitter ad campaign banned for failure to disclosure tweets = ads http://bit.ly/KyEwVj 

Meet The League Of Extraordinary Women: 60 Influencers Who Are Changing The World http://bit.ly/NRNzD8 

US | First Privacy Bill of Rights meeting: Mobile apps targeted http://cnet.co/MHfgeB 

The U.N. vs. the Internet: The fight escalates http://cnet.co/LfDwqr 

Apple patents revealed for security, imaging, flash memory http://cnet.co/MHfbrg 

Hackers grab customer data, demand cash from payday lender http://cnet.co/MHfaU8 

How attacks on social networks work http://cnet.co/MHf9Qb 

U.K.’s largest ISP blocks The Pirate Bay, but to no avail http://cnet.co/MHf2nC 

Doesn’t necessarily avoid copyright infringement | Pinterest expands content attribution to Etsy, Kickstarter http://cnet.co/MHf3YI 

Trademark dispute ends | Germany’s ‘Googlemail’ finally becomes ‘Gmail’ http://cnet.co/MHeXjJ 

Indian court overturns Vimeo, Pirate Bay blockade http://cnet.co/MHeQVk 

Yahoo, Facebook in settlement talks over patent infringement http://cnet.co/MHePAS 

://Amazon.com ‘s domain power play: We want to control them all http://cnet.co/MHeKgu 

Europe’s copyright bill ACTA on last legs http://cnet.co/MHeDl7 

The value of brands | Want top stocks? Bet on brand names http://bit.ly/M9nptN 

In era of revelation, privacy more important than ever http://natpo.st/M9mIRl 

Google Denies Unlawful Use of Rosetta Stone Trademarks http://bloom.bg/M9lVzC 

Delighted to be speaking next Friday at @asaecenter’s’s Toronto meeting on IP protection strategies for going global

The IP Translator Decision – My 2 Cents… http://wp.me/p2tK1d-1g  via @TransatlanticTM

Delighted at Marty Schwimmer’s initiative, successfully suing a rogue TM catalogue pusher http://tinyurl.com/cgoqa2k  Who will be next to sue? via @Ipkat

U.S. start-ups going global to thwart foreign clones http://ow.ly/bI0Wn 

Dutch court orders Apple to pay Samsung damages over patent http://ow.ly/bI0Ne 

How excise lags behind tech | Canada once quarantined Microsoft mice, thinking they were alive! http://stks.co/h0h6  via @michaelbabad

GAC seeks to apply the brakes on gTLD timeframes – http://bit.ly/KTuNWz  via @WTRmagazine

Quebec fines Maple Leaf Foods for breaching advertising to children laws http://natpo.st/MLISnv 

Google Responds to New British Investigation of Street View http://nyti.ms/MLIHIN


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