IP Address Blog Updates for June 26, 2012

Patent Patrol: Is Microsoft Planning A Robust Mobile Device Future? http://ow.ly/bP0Mz

Typosquatter Used Misspelled Domains to Intercept Email, Claims $1 Million Lawsuit http://ow.ly/bP2Em

Analysis: eHarmony had several password security fails http://ow.ly/bP3Ma

In MP3tunes copyright case, EMI wants CEO’s assets http://ow.ly/bP3IQ

Why you may want to be careful about your Twitter user name – confusion may lead to misdirected messages http://ow.ly/bP13J

EU planning new wine allergen labeling law effective July 1, 2012 http://ow.ly/bP0Dm

Intellectual property news on Apple, Disney, USOC, Home Depot http://ow.ly/bP2G0

Apple Loses Patent Case: Big Deal or So What? http://ow.ly/bP2W4

Do online alcohol sales require stricter rules to ensure age compliance? http://ow.ly/bP0sA

SKYY SPIRITS loses right to trademark in Russia http://ow.ly/bP0uY

16 Brands That Have Fanatical Cult Followings http://ow.ly/bP19J

Two LulzSec Hackers Plead Guilty in Britain http://ow.ly/bP1Tf

Apple Patent Ruling May Alter Tech Tactics http://ow.ly/bP20V

Japan Passes Jail-for-Downloaders Anti-Piracy Law http://ow.ly/bP2kk

ITC to review its ruling in Apple vs. Motorola patent dispute http://ow.ly/bP2M3

Death blow: ACTA suffers fifth rejection vote in Europe http://bit.ly/NomKEi via @DigitalTrends & @bjmcginnis


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