IP Address Blog Updates for July 4, 2012

Apple applies for patents tied to security, imaging, flash memory http://cnet.co/N9Cw5o

Twitter: 5K tweets removed this year over copyright complaints http://cnet.co/Ooh7Gs

U.K. Home Office won’t block O’Dwyer extradition in copyright case http://cnet.co/Ooh1yM

Hacking settlement to cost Stratfor $1.75 million http://cnet.co/OogoFc

Apple disagrees with Italy antitrust complaint over consumer warranties http://reut.rs/MGz0AJ

Taiwan’s Big Brand Problem http://buswk.co/PcAdSI

NY judge orders Twitter to turn over Occupy Wall St protester’s tweets to prosecutors http://nyti.ms/P6chAj

The business of copyright | Getty Images Auction Draws Initial Bids of Around $4 Billion http://on.wsj.com/PcvFvs

Defunct copyright troll Righthaven seeks resurrection http://bit.ly/PcuYm2

Nokia Accuses Google’s Nexus 7 of Patent Infringement http://bit.ly/Pcu74I

Take That, Google Glass: Apple Granted Patent for Head-Mounted Display http://bit.ly/MRCGPk

How Anonymous Picks Targets, Launches Attacks, and Takes Powerful Organizations Down http://bit.ly/NZFyXi

Intellectual property news on Lupin, Google, China Copyright http://bloom.bg/PcsFPU

HTC Mobile Phones Don’t Infringe Apple Patents, U.K. Judge Says http://bloom.bg/PcrIa3

Kodak Can Sell Its Patents in Bankruptcy, Judge Rules http://bloom.bg/PcrwYl

Demand for Apple products in China may be contributing to fake China “Apple” stores http://bit.ly/Pcr6Bw

This is important for marketing & closing the deal | Google data breaks down consumers’ research processes http://natpo.st/M5Mku2

Canada won’t impose copyright fees on microSD memory drives: Paradis http://natpo.st/M5MgKQ

Apple wins US pre-trial injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus phone http://bit.ly/M5LIEW

More on Apple v. Samsung (US) | Samsung loses bid to lift ban on U.S. tablet sales http://bit.ly/M5LqOc

My recent talk, Going Global: What Businesses Need to Know About Intellectual Property Laws Abroad, is now available http://slidesha.re/O2uDMq

Wine Sleuth Sniffs Out Fakes, Takes Hammer to Lafite http://wp.me/p19DHP-yu via @haddadfrank

Apple faces fine, temporary closure in Italy for failure to provide free two (2) year warranty required by Italian law http://nyti.ms/MPHqUu

Apple to pay China’s ProView $60 million USD to settle iPad trademark dispute http://bit.ly/MObC3B

FTC sues Wyndham Hotels over hacker breaches http://wapo.st/Mocc8H via @LJPlave


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