IP Address Blog Updates for July 5, 2012

What’s In Your Water Now? Hackers http://ow.ly/c1vB6

Why Knockoffs Suddenly Disappeared From The Markets In Beijing http://ow.ly/c1sjJ

Ubiquitous retailer debit-card readers vulnerable to hackers, experts say http://ow.ly/c1v11

How Many Lives Does A Brand Have? http://ow.ly/c1va4

U.S. drone ‘hijackings’ raise security concerns http://ow.ly/c1wnP

E.U. Parliament Rejects ACTA Anti-Piracy Treaty http://ow.ly/c1vXJ

Olympic Experts Sure They Can Repel Cyber Threats http://ow.ly/c1vZN

A more simple explanation | These Are The 11 Patents That Are Getting Android Into Trouble With Apple And Microsoft http://ow.ly/c1ssQ

The sale of virtual goods | Activision to Bring New, Free Version of ‘Call of Duty’ to China http://ow.ly/c1vEm

HTC Phones Don’t Infringe Apple Patents, U.K. Judge Says http://ow.ly/c1vd5

Google, Samsung Working on Software Fix To Bypass Galaxy Nexus Sales Ban http://ow.ly/c1wox


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