IP Address Blog Updates for July 9, 2012

Security Researchers Backtrack on Android Malware Claim http://ow.ly/c5ZCK 

MegaUpload’s Dotcom Challenges Evidence http://ow.ly/c65SV 

Google submits $4 million bill for costs in Oracle lawsuit http://ow.ly/c65Pa 

Facebook and Yahoo settle patent suit, forge partnership http://ow.ly/c5YzY 

Justice Posner – who threw out the Apple – Motorola patent dispute- is not a fan of patents for some industries http://ow.ly/c65Kb 

Verizon dismisses patent from TiVo suit http://ow.ly/c67S9 

Some serious implications for Canada | Canada’s vanishing tech sector http://ow.ly/c5Pc5 

Apple Fights for Snow Leopard Trademark in China http://ow.ly/c65Y5 

Def Leppard covers own songs to get digital revenues http://ow.ly/c67Uc 

According to The Globe and Mail, a cosmetics collaboration between Ruffian and M.A.C. has been stymied in Canada because of a trademark dispute

Let’s hope they’re right! | Malware Threat to Internet Corralled http://ow.ly/c5Zv9 

Is Your Small Business at Risk of Hacking? http://ow.ly/c5Zy5 

US | Court Clears Samsung Galaxy Nexus For Sale But Patent Battle Continues http://ow.ly/c60HL 

Knoedler Art Gallery in N.Y. Sued Over Alleged Fake Works http://ow.ly/c5ZYb 

Shanghai Company Targets Apple’s Siri for Patent Infringement http://ow.ly/c624l 

Samsung Galaxy Nexus pulled from Google Play over patent litigation http://ow.ly/c65M7 

Software is not the only way to make money in tech | Return of the Screw http://buswk.co/M1GrU9 


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