IP Address Blog Updates for July 10, 2012

Bears repeating | 10 Ways to Protect Yourself Online http://ti.me/MeW5Gp 

US | What You Need To Know About the Latest Twitter Privacy Ruling http://ti.me/NiuB5k 

Apple Concerned About Mobile Payment Security http://bit.ly/Niu1nS 

Some mobile ads may be contact sniffing malware http://cnnmon.ie/NisI8J 

Google, FTC Near Settlement on Privacy http://on.wsj.com/NfRQgJ 

U.S. Bid for Megaupload Founder Dotcom’s Extradition Is Delayed http://bloom.bg/PGIZHn 

Samsung wins UK Galaxy case; no confusion because Samsung’s tablet isn’t “cool” enough to be confusing with an iPad http://ow.ly/c7WXz 

Protect this house – & R & D & trade secrets | Under Armor’s product development lab security includes a vein scanner http://ow.ly/c7Wca 

Canada’s Supreme Court to issue 5 – count ’em, 5 – copyright decisions this Thursday: http://business.financialpost.com/2012/07/09/supreme-court-to-rule-on-five-landmark-copyright-cases/


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