IP Address Blog Updates for July 11, 2012

Finland | Cognac trade association gets Finnish brandy trademark cancelled for misleading as to the product’s origin http://bit.ly/NnO1T7 

Defense expert to U.S.: Hire hackers and wage cyberwar http://cnet.co/N280fc 

How Apple’s iTravel Patent Could Threaten Android’s NFC Future http://bit.ly/P0zJNd 

EMG Sues Google for Infringing Mobile Device Technology http://bit.ly/N26VEc 

Megaupload and the twilight of copyright http://bit.ly/N26zxk 

Incompetent or Shrewd? 7 Tech Companies That Leaked Their Own Secrets http://bit.ly/LOreRS 

Megaupload tycoon offers to go to U.S. to answer piracy charges http://reut.rs/N24bqm 

European ruling on Google privacy policy set for September http://reut.rs/N241PI 

Off topic, but so cool (at least to me anyway)! | Rolls Royce Creates World’s First Jet Engine Made From LEGO Bricks http://bit.ly/N23jSG 

Judge: Manhattan Can Keep Its ‘Heart Attack’ Sandwich http://on.wsj.com/LDMfyA 

Obama Campaign Heads to Court over Trademark Infringement http://on.wsj.com/NVwu4B 

SIlicon Valley Pow Wow | Tech and Media Elite Are Likely to Debate Piracy http://nyti.ms/N20EZ4 

Bill to Restrict Web Content Is Assailed in Russia http://nyti.ms/N20qRX 

Could raise privacy issues | Where will you be this time tomorrow? Smartphone data can guess within 20 metres http://bit.ly/N1Zgps 

Oracle Can’t Stop Software License Resales, EU Court Says http://goo.gl/ZSxYw 


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