IP Address Blog Updates for July 16, 2012

UK Faculty of Public Health wants graphic health warnings on alcohol, similar to those for cigarettes http://bit.ly/PYzG5R 

They are watching you. Olympic brand police spread out across the UK on the lookout from ambush marketing as of today. http://bit.ly/LlfDIp  via @BrandsandStuff

Google’s Chrome for mobile targeted in patent suit http://ow.ly/cfGkV 

Hackers strike again, hit Nvidia’s developer zone http://ow.ly/cfG8B 

Fujifilm hits Motorola Mobility with patent-infringement lawsuit http://ow.ly/cfGcW 

How lululemon got it’s name, how much it costs to list a beer in Ontario, & 93 other Canadian business facts http://ow.ly/cfCCx 

Yahoo’s (and Your) Lesson in Proper Passwords http://ow.ly/cfGlK 

Coronado Brewing sues Elysian Brewing for alleged infringement of ‘Idiot’ mark http://ow.ly/cfGMq 

Cybercrime Defense: Think — and Act? — Like a Hacker http://ow.ly/cfGhk 

Dissent in US top patent court over what’s patentable creates uncertainty http://ow.ly/cfFPW 

How to Check If Your Yahoo Account Data Has Been Leaked http://ow.ly/cfFBg 

One Million User IDs Stolen In Android Forums Hack http://ow.ly/cfFIC 

Yahoo Breach Extends Beyond Yahoo to Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Users http://nyti.ms/Su176s 

RIM ordered to pay $147.2-million (U.S.) in patent litigation case http://soc.li/GPSrl3L 

Important for alcohol marketing | Twitter Launches “Age Screening” Tool So Companies Can Vet Followers http://ow.ly/ccYWK 

Supreme Court of Canada: Free Online Music Previews Do Not Infringe Copyright http://wp.me/piqLs-nI 

Canada | Supreme Court scraps some copyright fees on downloads http://bit.ly/Lc3Coy


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