IP Address Blog Updates for July 18, 2012

Motorola has taken steps to avoid US import & sales ban arising from patent litigation http://ow.ly/cjo00 

One of the World’s Largest Spam Botnets Still Alive After Suffering Significant Blow http://ow.ly/cjplL 

Counterfeit wine scams “tip of the iceberg” http://ow.ly/cinCp 

Microsoft’s PowerPoint 2013 can search for Creative Commons licensed images & put them into a presentation http://ow.ly/cjpu4 

Judge Dismisses Privacy Lawsuit Against LinkedIn http://ow.ly/cjpwE 

Google Glass Anti-Theft Patent Detects Burgled Headset, Calls the Coppers http://ow.ly/cjpNS 

The High Price Of Privacy: A Looming Mess For Litigators http://ow.ly/cjnW3 

Oracle Rejected in Bid to Resuscitate Google Trial http://ow.ly/cjpW0 

Wi-LAN buys Siemens patents Financial Post http://ow.ly/cjnhO 

Oil Companies Spring a Leak, Courtesy of Anonymous http://ow.ly/cjpXR 

Intellectual Property news on Merck, Whole Foods, Google, ASCAP http://ow.ly/cjo50 

LG executives said to be charged for leaking Samsung’s OLED technology http://ow.ly/cjpjz 

Apple Wins a User-Interface Patent That Smartphone Copycats Should Fear http://ow.ly/cjpOS 

Motorola’s Xoom Tablet Does Not Infringe on Apple’s Designs, German Court Rules http://ow.ly/cjpQZ 

Elections Ontario warns voters of privacy breach http://bit.ly/Nyyxif 

Online Hiring Scams Using the Names of Ontario Lawyers http://www.slaw.ca/2012/07/16/onl … via @slaw_dot_ca


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