IP Address Blog Updates for July 19, 2012

UK: ROX vs Rolex trademark battle reaches conclusion bit.ly/NILOar

Senators call for probe of electric grid cybersecurity http://ow.ly/cldod 

Is the rare translation of Quebec court decisions into English hurting Canadian law? http://ow.ly/claKr 

Estonian Man Gets 7-Year Prison Term in Hacking Cases http://ow.ly/claHN 

MegaUpload judge quits case following ‘enemy’ comments http://ow.ly/cldc1 

Forgeries? Call ‘Em Faux Masterpieces http://ow.ly/cl9q4 

Dropbox Has Hired Outside Experts To Investigate Possible Security Breach http://ow.ly/cldkF 

Apple ordered to publish notice Samsung didn’t copy iPad http://ow.ly/claoC 

US | Banks may be held liable for losses arising from small businesses’ hacked bank accounts http://ow.ly/clayP 

Dropbox Investigating After Spam Attack http://ow.ly/clabY 

Intellectual property news on Garmin, Apple, Dental Brasseler http://ow.ly/clbMs 

Mobile patent wars | Samsung Seeks to Limit Apple Refering to Steve Jobs at Trial http://ow.ly/clbTW 

US Congress considers changes to the ITC due to increased use in patent litigation http://ow.ly/clcFH 

Apple granted ‘the mother of all smartphone software patents’ http://ow.ly/cldzb 

‘Partridge Family’ Red Carpet Photos Fight http://ow.ly/cldYK


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