IP Address Blog Updates for July 23, 2012

Finding CORVUS and CORVO Confusingly Similar for Wine, TTAB Sustains 2(d) Opposition http://bit.ly/PzMAGt  via @ TTABlog

Probe sheds light on Canada’s lucrative online drug industry http://bit.ly/LHyOMX 

Kodak loses digital image preview patent case against RIM, Apple; could affect Kodak’s bankruptcy patent sales http://bit.ly/LHvWj4 

An Olympian struggle: IOC vs. social media http://bit.ly/NE1r0t 

BBC News – London 2012: Organisers clarify rules on branded clothing for spectators http://bbc.in/Q9KjEp  via @TrademarkBlog

Patents | BlackBerry-maker RIM aims to read your moods like a book http://bit.ly/NCOAvy 

LOGO QUIZ: Can You Identify These Brands When Their Names Are Stripped Out? http://ow.ly/cnscp 

Shell not suing over fake campaign ? or When crowd-sourced advertisement goes to S-Hell http://huff.to/PZLgxK  via @marketingmarty


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