IP Address Blog Updates for July 30, 2012

Quebecor wins satellite signal piracy dispute against Bell http://ow.ly/cAfdC 

Hilary Swank Drops Gloves in Legal Fight over ‘Million Dollar Baby’ Face http://ow.ly/cAfnY 

Thousands sign petition to allow wine and beer sales in Ontario convenience stores http://ow.ly/cAfaf 

Motorola Android Phones Banned In Germany For Violating Microsoft IP http://ow.ly/cAf4f 

Canada | Wineries still live in fear of liquor control boards http://ow.ly/cAgjm 

US | Supreme Court forces Nike to defend its right not to defend its trademarks http://ow.ly/cAfAj 

Social media: Alcohol brands must tread carefully http://ow.ly/cAff8 

Apple-Samsung Trial Highlights Tricky Patent Wars http://ow.ly/cAgut 

Kate Spade sued for alleged copyright infringement of floral print http://ow.ly/cAfvJ 

Rise Is Seen in Cyberattacks Targeting U.S. Infrastructure http://ow.ly/cAgrK 

Oops: Google admits it didn’t delete Street View data after all http://ow.ly/cAgfa 

Senators Force Weaker Safeguards Against Cyberattacks http://ow.ly/cAgvb


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