IP Address Blog Updates for August 1, 2012

French firm apparently registers Anonymous logo as a trade-mark; Anonymous hacks back http://onforb.es/NGMqOl 

Twitter unveils ‘cashtags’ to track stock symbols http://cnnmon.ie/T3dlDj 

Apple and Microsoft to team up for Kodak’s patents? http://cnet.co/MTmtcE 

Laws on Wi-Fi sniffing still up in the air, say specialists http://cnet.co/T3d0QT 

Former Apple designer: I won’t testify at Samsung trial http://cnet.co/T3d03t 

US | Samsung Galaxy Nexus eludes sales ban…for now http://cnet.co/T3cItx 

Hacker delves into secret world of warranties http://cnet.co/T3cEdg 

Hackers accused of stealing data from 9M Korean mobile users http://cnet.co/T3czGp 

US | Cybersecurity bill bombarded with amendments http://cnet.co/T3cySH 

The History (And Artistic De-Evolution) of Patent Drawings http://bit.ly/T3csuq 

Toyota Applies for Touch-Based Infotainment Interface Trademark http://bit.ly/T3cqTt 

Groupon sued for patent infringement http://cnet.co/T3chPO 

Hulu blocks access to overseas Apple TV owners, report says http://cnet.co/OnRXFs 

Dropbox Admits To User Data Theft, Bolsters Security http://bit.ly/QdZWZ9 

Apple, Samsung Both Claim Innovator Status in Opening of Patent Trial http://bit.ly/T3bAG9 

US | FTC expected to announce new rules for Internet ads targeting kids today http://on.wsj.com/T3aQ3M  (subscription required)

Privacy | FTC backs $22.5 million Google settlement over Safari http://reut.rs/MhCStm 

Apple v. Samsung: The Patent Trial of the Century http://on.wsj.com/LL44uk 

Social media makes the Olympics opening ceremony a hard kept secret http://on.wsj.com/N1G34D 

Twitter’s press release on its privacy policy | Our approach to Trust & Safety and private information http://bit.ly/PjI6yZ 

Olympics | Swiss Athlete Sent Home for Twitter Remark http://nyti.ms/N1FjMT 

Bots Raise Their Heads Again on Facebook http://nyti.ms/N1FfwH 

Google Failed to Delete Street View Data in France http://nyti.ms/N1F5FG 

What’s Trending on Twitter? Itself, After an Ill-Thought-Out Suspension http://nyti.ms/OBqVel 

Ontario judge blocks attempt to derail Pet Valu class action http://natpo.st/NlBqQC 

Apple claims Samsung copied Jobs’ iPhone technology in huge patent case http://natpo.st/NlBcZK 

US | ‘Samsung is not some copyist’ – lawyer rebuts Apple’s claim in landmark trial http://bit.ly/OAem2E 

Privacy commissioner ‘deeply disturbed’ by Election Ontario’s handling of voter data http://bit.ly/OAei3d 

Dr. Dre beats Olympic marketing ban http://bit.ly/MwXOIq 

Apple, Samsung face off in federal court over patents http://bit.ly/OAcZRA 

Samsung lawyer brandishes early iPad prototype in court http://cnet.co/M1FQAW  via @CNETNews

Proposed genetically modified food act on the ballot in California http://ow.ly/cAf0n 

Southern charm? | Jack Daniel’s Sends the Most Polite Cease-and-Desist Letter Ever http://on.mash.to/MusYQG


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