IP Address Blog Updates for August 3, 2012

US | Embedding copyright-infringing video is not a crime, court rules http://cnet.co/MhjXcg 

Facebook pages of seven MLB team hacked http://tcrn.ch/RiDj2J 

Ambush marketing | Wrong Brand: Olympians Warned for Wearing Dr. Dre Headphones http://ti.me/NQnF2a 

Apple’s $2 billion claim comes from a twist in U.S. patent law http://bit.ly/NQnkN4 

IRS May Have Paid ID Thieves $5B in 2011 Refunds; $3.3M Went to One Address Listed On 2,137 Returns http://dlvr.it/1xsnsg  via @ABAJournal

Top patent court struggles to decide when software is patentable http://bit.ly/Njgj1u 

US | Bill would force patent trolls to pay defendants’ legal bills http://bit.ly/QggsrG 

NY | Judge blasts troll for “astonishing” failure to follow rules http://bit.ly/N5PqQU 

Has Apple Filed A Patent For Microsoft’s Surface Smart Cover? http://bit.ly/OwLY42 

Apple v. Samsung: Schiller to Testify Friday as Apple Calls on Top Brass http://bit.ly/N3mHOB 

RIM says has not compromised BlackBerry security in India http://reut.rs/N3mElI 

U.S. court revives InterDigital lawsuit against Nokia http://reut.rs/N3m7jG 

Rovi signs patent licensing pact with Google http://reut.rs/N3m7QW 

Environmental marketing | Which Outfit Is Greenest? A New Rating Tool http://on.wsj.com/MUAwR9 

Warner Bros. Files Mass Litigation Against Amazon Resellers http://bit.ly/MyCYIt 

‘Pioneer’ of Wrestling Entrance Music Sues WWE for Copyright Infringement http://bit.ly/MUAusu 

Some PayPal Users Criticize Antifraud Measures http://nyti.ms/MUAnNA 

CBS Files Amended Lawsuit Against ABC’s ‘Glass House’ http://bit.ly/MUA5qa 

MGM Settles Lawsuit over Raging Bull Sequel http://on.wsj.com/MUzZ1x 

Apps Make Leap From Phones to Toys http://on.wsj.com/MUzDYS 

Apple-Samsung Patent War Pits Two Legal Stars http://on.wsj.com/MUzy7q 

CFIA expected to license more food importers, including alcoholic beverages, with draft regs for the fall. Watch this space for details.

SAP agrees to pay Oracle $306 million in damages http://reut.rs/ONB8WW 

Canada’s tech sector risks losing to U.S. http://natpo.st/MUyOiH 

Does Olympic marketing work? http://natpo.st/MUyJLZ 

Facebook has as many as 83 million questionable accounts http://bit.ly/PDK0uU 

Interesting article on the selection of brand names for condos http://bit.ly/RiR2Xk 


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