IP Address Blog Updates for August 17, 2012

Make sure ad copy is onside! | Alcohol ads targeted to youth most likely to violate ad standards (item 4) http://ow.ly/d2KVk 

Why Marlboro Country ends at the border http://ow.ly/d2KIk 

The challenges of brand valuation http://ow.ly/d2KDC 

What wearing knockoffs says about us http://ow.ly/d2JZM 

Apple licensed design patents to Microsoft in “anti-cloning agreement” http://ow.ly/d2JpK 

New Zealand judge: FBI must release more evidence to Kim Dotcom http://ow.ly/d2JnH 

FTC settles Facebook privacy complaint sans Google-like fine http://ow.ly/d2J4j 

Quora tweaks controversial Views privacy setting http://ow.ly/d2I62 

Protect yourself from smishing (video) http://ow.ly/d2HYi 

Reuters hacked (again) with fake story of Saudi minister’s death http://ow.ly/d2HWb 

E-mail lists, encrypted passwords stolen in http://Battle.net  hack http://ow.ly/d2HSe 

Anonymous promises revenge for the takedown of Demonoid http://ow.ly/d2HMA 

Apple Patent Applications Detail Photoshop-Like Drawing App, Light-Up Trackpads http://ow.ly/d2HGs 

Facebook Claimant’s Lawyers Quit After Judging Case a Fraud http://ow.ly/d2Hyu 

Hackers temporarily cut AT & T Internet access http://ow.ly/d2GyA 

Court Rules Biotech Firm Can Patent Human Genes http://ow.ly/d2Gqa 

Hackers Steal, Encrypt Health Records and Hold Data for Ransom http://ow.ly/d2GmD 

The Cost of Cyber Crime http://ow.ly/d2FO0 

How the Experts Would Fix Cyber Security http://ow.ly/d2FLL 

Patent Deals Give Investment Banks a Boost http://ow.ly/d2FK4 

Startups’ New Creed: Patent First, Prototype Later http://ow.ly/d2FE2 

Heinz Sued for Patent Infringement Over ‘Dip and Squeeze’ Ketchup Packet http://ow.ly/d2Ft1 

Cyberwars Reach a New Frontier: the Airport http://ow.ly/d2Fne 

Judge gets testy as Apple-Samsung patent trial nears end http://ow.ly/d2DaA 

More on the pant patent dispute between Lululemon and Calvin Klein http://ow.ly/d2CoV 

Judge Urges Apple and Samsung to Settle Patent Dispute http://ow.ly/d2BPl 

Germany Reopens Investigation of Facebook’s Photo Archiving http://ow.ly/d2BNl 

Twitter Makes New Rules for Developers http://ow.ly/d2BLm 

IKEA: a trade mark officially worth 9 billion euro http://ow.ly/d2BE4 

Beastie Boys Sue Monster Energy for Copyright Infringement Re Songs Played at Lake Louise Event http://ow.ly/d2B8U 

Kodak Patent Auction Creates Strange Bedfellows http://ow.ly/d2B6y 

Kodak: Maybe We Won’t Sell Our Digital Imaging Patents http://ow.ly/d2B0D 

Australian court approves tobacco pack logo ban, grisly warnings http://ow.ly/cZqx7 

Lululemon sues Calvin Klein over yoga pants http://ow.ly/cZqu1 

Facebook settlement with U.S. includes decades of privacy audits http://ow.ly/cXmpF 

Ad firm’s facial-recognition marketing brings ‘Minority Report’ into present http://ow.ly/cXmkR 

Fox Sues to Stop TV Streaming Service http://Barrydriller.com  http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/fox-tv-streaming-barry-diller-alki-david-361065 …

Security – watch what you tweet | Dell Daughter’s Twitter Account Shut Down After Exposing Family To Security Risks http://www.businessinsider.com/michael-dell-alexa-dell-twitter-account-2012-8#ixzz23SRrPaTP …

‘Ultra’ Brands End Dispute Over Their Name http://nyti.ms/Ragl3z 

Credit cards’ stripes at risk for fraud http://bit.ly/MXpvsO 

Jessica Simpson vs Christian Louboutin http://bit.ly/JG87eT  via @Novagraaf


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