IP Address Blog Updates for August 21, 2012

Who knew Google was originally called Back Rub? | The Logo Mishaps of Giant Brands http://ow.ly/d7v20 

Three days after suing Apple, Google says patent wars hurt consumers http://ow.ly/d6TXJ 

AT&T’s FaceTime Restrictions Could Be Violating F.C.C. Rules http://ow.ly/d6RLQ 

In a Blow to Hulu, Judge Rules Video Privacy Law Applies Online http://ow.ly/d6R8A 

TVNotas Broke Copyright Law By Publishing This Singer’s Wedding Photos http://ow.ly/d6PDn 

Apple, Samsung CEOs Couldn’t Reach Patent Deal, Lawyer Says http://ow.ly/d6RBj 

Photojournalism meets IP: Slideshow of US customs officers seizing 20,457 pairs of fake Louboutins in Los Angles http://ow.ly/d6ODg 

How Sanofi Is Writing The Social Media Rules For Big Pharma Without Running Afoul Of The FDA http://ow.ly/d6Q18 

Insight: Experts hope to shield cars from computer viruses http://ow.ly/d6U1S 

Kodak Investor Asks U.S. Trustee to Probe Patent Bidding http://ow.ly/d6RDU 

Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus Copied IPhone Feature, Apple Says http://ow.ly/d6TgC 

Motorola’s New Patent Lawsuit Against Apple: The Details http://ow.ly/d6U0Y 

Apple And Samsung Bring Their Marketing Strategies To Court http://ow.ly/d6U3y 

Anonymous hits U.K. government sites over Assange situation http://ow.ly/d6TZQ 

Why passwords have never been weaker—and crackers have never been stronger http://ow.ly/d6U6H 

In U.S. Tax Matters, Swiss Bankers Fume Over Privacy http://ow.ly/d6THa 

The Origins of the Investigation into Google Privacy Violations http://ow.ly/d6TEV 

Apple-Samsung Jurors Will Get Complicated Questionnaire http://ow.ly/d6TEk 

Samsung CEO Said to Speak With Apple Today About Suit http://ow.ly/d6RNM 

A lesson for brand owners – take timely action against cybersquatters, or you might lose your domain name dispute http://bit.ly/Pz3fcF


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