IP Address Blog Updates for August 22, 2012

Apple wins patent on audio, video ad skipper http://ow.ly/d9bgf 

Google Cooks up API to Streamline Enterprise License Management http://ow.ly/d9b38 

Want Security and Privacy? Turn Off Your Mobile Devices’ GPS http://ow.ly/d9aV6 

For DRM-Free Content, Look for the New FSF Logo http://ow.ly/d9aQK 

Hackers target smart meters (video) http://ow.ly/d99M8 

In Wake of Recent Hacking, Apple Asks Canadian Users to Create Security Questions http://ow.ly/d99HO 

Apple-Samsung Jury Must Answer More Than 600 Questions http://ow.ly/d99no 

Trade-mark dispute in Columbia over Duff Beer – the beer drunk by Homer on the Simpsons http://ow.ly/d98kL 

Canadian law firms ease into ad waters http://ow.ly/d97Pu 

Don’t get hacked: Tips to manage online passwords http://ow.ly/d97z8


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