IP Address Blog Updates for August 24, 2012

MGA Entertainment Withdraws Motion in Lady Gaga Dolls Suit http://ow.ly/dc5LJ 

FTC: Ab Circle Pro ads are ‘deceptive’ http://ow.ly/dc5KF 

Liquor Ads Win Airtime http://ow.ly/dc5Ff 

‘Real names online’ law struck down in South Korea http://ow.ly/dbXnE 

German Bill Seeks Licensing Fee from Google, Other Search Engines http://ow.ly/dc6l0 

Apple Appeals Kodak Bankruptcy Court Patent Case Ruling http://ow.ly/dc5TI 

Dish Network Sued by FTC Over ‘Do Not Call’ Violations http://ow.ly/dc5SJ 

Twisted Sister is not going to take Paul Ryan using their song anymore http://ow.ly/dbXMG 

The Campus Sartorialist Gets a Demand Letter from The Sartoralist’s Scott Schuman http://ow.ly/dbWQW 

Hackers Lay Claim to Saudi Aramco Cyberattack http://ow.ly/dc5rH 

U.S. Judge Gives Poker a Break http://ow.ly/dc5Bj 

US | Federal Courts Put Twitter-Prone Jurors On Notice http://ow.ly/dc5Ey 

Google Building Privacy Red Team http://ow.ly/dc5qw 

MGA Entertainment Withdraws Motion in Lady Gaga Dolls Suit http://ow.ly/dc5LJ 

Intellectual property news on Amkor, LG, Amazon, Goa, Google http://ow.ly/dc5Mm 

Apple, Samsung Both Infringed Patents, Korean Court Rules http://ow.ly/dc5Wc 

Cloning the MakerBot Is Legal, But Does That Make It Right? http://ow.ly/dc5XV 

AT&T Defends FaceTime Over 3G Decision, Says It Isn’t Violating Net Neutrality http://ow.ly/dc6ew 

Landmark California Location-Privacy Bill Nears Governor’s Desk http://ow.ly/dc6qU

FBI says pirated Android apps a “top priority,” seizes three domains http://ow.ly/dc6j7 

Hey Amazon, What Are You Doing With The ‘Firedock’ Trademark? http://ow.ly/dc6g4 

Court affirms $675,000 penalty in music-downloading case http://ow.ly/dc6us 

DHS warns Siemens ‘flaw’ could allow power plant hack http://ow.ly/dc6xV 

Spotify to Launch in Canada http://ow.ly/dc5Ai 

Apple loses to Samsung in South Korea http://on.wsj.com/PB8qcO 

Microsoft rebrands: First new logo in 25 years http://ow.ly/dbXYv 

There’s A Legal Situation Between Viacom And Mike Sorrentino Over ‘Jersey Shore’ Catchphrases http://ow.ly/daqPH 

Usain Bolt is probably not too pleased about getting caught in the aftermath of the trademark stampede in China http://ow.ly/d9FDs  via @brandprotect_AM


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