IP Address Blog Updates for August 28, 2012

German consumer group: Facebook App Center violates German law http://ow.ly/dhFmM 

$1.1B Microsoft Patent Deal Done http://ow.ly/dhFI9 

R.I.P. Roger Fisher, Harvard Law Prof and Co-Author of ‘Getting To Yes’ http://ow.ly/dhE3t 

Analysis: Apple’s win dents Android’s standard-essential patent hopes http://ow.ly/dhEun 

How the Apple v. Samsung Outcome Could Change in the Coming Weeks http://ow.ly/dhEFr 

Twitter appeals order to turn over user data on Occupy Wall Street protester http://ow.ly/dhEHM 

Marketer that sued Groupon now suing Living Social for patent infringement http://ow.ly/dhF9G 

The next major patent skirmish is already here http://ow.ly/dhF40 

LVMH files false champagne advertising suit against Armand de Brignac http://ow.ly/dhEmV 

Apple Juror Had First-Hand View of Silicon Valley Litigation http://ow.ly/dhDN3 

Steve Jobs Vindicated by Verdict Protecting Apple Design http://ow.ly/dhEhZ 

Samsung Vows to Fight Apple’s Attempt to Ban 8 Samsung Smartphones http://ow.ly/dhDWf 

Samsung’s ‘Internal Memo’ On The Patent Lawsuit (posted on its blog) http://ow.ly/dh7we 

Op-ed | The US Apple v. Samsung decision could lead to the creation of more original products http://ow.ly/dh6xE 

Connecting the Dots After Cyberattack on Saudi Aramco http://ow.ly/dh6uy 

Smartphone makers see an opening in Samsung’s patent lawsuit loss http://ow.ly/dh7IU 

Apple Victory Shifts Power Balance http://ow.ly/dh8Fd 

Can Nokia and Windows phone benefit from Samsung defeat? http://ow.ly/dhC6W 

Samsung Case Puts Apple Closer to Google Fight http://ow.ly/dhDnh 

Oil sands companies targeted by ‘Anonymous’ hackers http://ow.ly/dhCYU 

BlackBerry maker RIM could benefit from Apple patent victory http://ow.ly/dhCOR 

Google responds to Apple v. Samsung verdict: most claims ‘don’t relate’ to ‘core Android’ http://ow.ly/dh7DQ 

Apple Seeks Order Blocking Sale of 8 Samsung Products http://ow.ly/dh71P


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