IP Address Blog Updates for August 30, 2012

U.K. Police Arrest Journalist in Hacking Probe http://ow.ly/dkL7l 

Motorola secrets thief gets four-year sentence http://ow.ly/dkKHj 

A Hyper Cool (And Controversial) Rebranding For American Airlines http://ow.ly/dkISj 

Facebook Says ‘Misconfiguration’ Allowed Spammers To Impersonate Users http://ow.ly/dkMhb 

Sony Files Patent To Make TV Ads Into Video Games http://ow.ly/dkJtj 

NZ court allows Kim Dotcom to take out $4.8 million in loans for legal bills http://ow.ly/dkNgS 

Will Apple’s Pinch-To-Zoom Patent Victory Create A Usability Hell? http://ow.ly/dkJSX 

The enemy of my enemy is my friend – New York Times teams up w/ other alleged SMS patent infringers to share strategy, save money http://ow.ly/dkKqB 

Kim Kardashian and Old Navy settle lawsuit over look-alike model http://ow.ly/dkKIx 

A simple argument is often a winning argument, even when the law is complex | How Apple Got Its Case Across http://ow.ly/dkLuO 

Google’s Motorola Mobility Sued Over Cloud Data Patents http://ow.ly/dkLHL 

Google patents video tech that knows what it’s looking at http://ow.ly/dkM1Z 

HTC has ‘no intention’ to settle with Apple, say reports http://ow.ly/dkM5W 

Second accused LulzSec hacker arrested in Sony breach http://ow.ly/dkM4p 

How Cybercriminals and Hacktivists Use DDoS Tools to Attack http://ow.ly/dkMIW 

Domain name disputes on the rise, figures show http://bit.ly/SSfLFM   via @bsookman

Russia Regains Rights to Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya Vodka Brands http://ow.ly/dk1B9 

The sweet smell of success? | Russian Perfume Maker Registers First Scent Trademark in http://ow.ly/dk1a9


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