IP Address Blog Updates for September 6, 2012

Hackers Targeting Android Browsers http://ow.ly/dvDmc 

Oracle must pay Google $1M to cover costs in failed patent case http://ow.ly/dvD9k 

French anti-piracy agency Hadopi only sued 14 people in 20 months http://ow.ly/dvCUc 

EU | German wine growers’ cooperative cannot claim wine is “wholesome”, violates prohibition on alcohol health claims http://ow.ly/dvCoM 

Copyright | Oracle wants more than the $306 million promised in SAP lawsuit http://ow.ly/dvCGo 

New lawsuit adds to Grooveshark’s troubles http://ow.ly/dvCg2 

Pinterest gives legal punch to ‘serial cybersquatter’ http://ow.ly/dvCdf 

Sony mobile customers emails, names hacked in China http://ow.ly/dvC3N 

Computer Hackers Target Cambodia http://ow.ly/dvBNX 

Consumers Say No to Mobile Apps That Grab Too Much Data http://ow.ly/dvBr7 

Can anyone confirm this? | Chinese Phone Maker of the GooPhone i5 might have blocked iPhone 5 sales! http://ow.ly/durVP 

Breaking: Second Circuit rules in Louboutin v. Yves Saint Laurent: Score one for Louboutin http://wp.me/p2tK1d-1S 

Christian Louboutin wins trademark rights to red soles, as long as they contrast with the rest of the shoe http://on.wsj.com/R8nsZo


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