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    Experts: Google’s ‘Aurora’ hackers still at it years later http://ow.ly/dA6AK 

    Nokia Broadens Apology Over Claims at Phone Launch http://ow.ly/dA26g 

    Hacker gang touts unlimited supply of zero-day bugs http://ow.ly/dA5EX 

    Top 10 biggest Champagne brands http://ow.ly/dA58d 

    The SEC Says Speak Up About Hack Attacks http://ow.ly/dzSbf 

    Daimler Defeats Patent Suit Over Drowsiness Detection http://ow.ly/dA4We 

    Guild Wars 2 officials say ongoing password attack affects 11,000 accounts http://ow.ly/dA5RX 

    Patent abuse at heart of Samsung investigation in South Korea http://ow.ly/dA5I1 

    Cyber attacks grow increasingly reckless, official says http://ow.ly/dA5fC 

    Phishing attacks via text spiked this week http://ow.ly/dA6xC 

    “Log in to unsubscribe from this e-mail”: annoying, possibly illegal http://ow.ly/dA5Ec 

    Hundreds of cyber attacks blamed on group that hacked Google in 2009 http://ow.ly/dA1tN 

    To avoid Dutch Galaxy ban, Samsung says Android’s multitouch software is not as good as Apple’s http://ow.ly/dA5MA 

    Phony Al-Jazeera text messages sent by pro-Syrian gov’t hackers http://ow.ly/dA6qW 

    MyPrivacyAudit wants to keep your tweets from leaking http://ow.ly/dA6zy 

    Japanese defense panel: Cyber attacks can be basis for military self-defense http://ow.ly/dA5OV 

    Obama ‘Hope’ Artist Gets Probation in Copyright Dispute http://bit.ly/RJactg 

    Legal Horror Story: 3 Trademark Filing Tips for Young Entrepreneurs http://under30ceo.com/legal-horror-story-3-trademark-filing-tips-for-young-entrepreneurs/ … via @LJPlave

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