IP Address Blog Updates for September 11, 2012

Welcome to the ‘Republic of Fakes’ http://ow.ly/dCJhF 

Google wipes Pirate Bay from Autocomplete searches http://ow.ly/dCJ8g 

Apple turns legal guns on Polish retailer A.pl http://ow.ly/dCITf 

US | Apple Opposes Samsung’s Bid to Lift Ban on Galaxy Tablet http://ow.ly/dCHSH 

Company Says It, Not F.B.I., Was Hacking Victim http://ow.ly/dCH5y 

US | Interesting article on decreasing alcohol regulation & increasing variety of craft beers & spirits http://ow.ly/dC9ae 

Anonymous member claims to have taken down GoDaddy http://ow.ly/dC8HX 

When Innovation Outpaces The Law http://ow.ly/dC8J8 

Privacy, confidential info, trade secrets… so many reasons not to take pictures at work & post on a social media site http://ow.ly/dC775 

Environmental marketing | What’s the definition of “organic” milk? http://ow.ly/dC8DP 

Lessons for brand owners from Louboutin v YSL http://www.managingip.com/Article/3086205/Archive/Lessons-for-brand-owners-from-Louboutin-v-YSL.html?LS=EMS714111 … via @ManagingIP


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