IP Address Blog Updates for September 12, 2012

File-sharer will take RIAA case to Supreme Court http://ow.ly/dDYIB 

Interesting article on the visuals of branding | Why it’s the visuals that hammer home the message http://ow.ly/dDWHY 

Lancôme Warned on Wrinkle-Cream Marketing http://ow.ly/dDY5c 

Apple Patents May Point to What’s Next for IPhone http://ow.ly/dDYGv 

Why clearance for marketing materials is important | Nova Scotia musician warned by Mint for using pennies on CD cover http://ow.ly/dDXDi 

Twitter must produce Occupy protester’s tweets or face contempt http://ow.ly/dDYcO 

This Woman Is Fighting Apple’s Thermonuclear War Against Android Around The World http://ow.ly/dDVZo 

Anti-counterfeiting | Fight against forgery gets boost from invisible nano barcode http://ow.ly/dDYeZ 

Microsoft patent shows Holodeck-style, full-room “immersive display” http://ow.ly/dDYME 

Suspected of hacking tax records, Pirate Bay cofounder held by Swedish police http://ow.ly/dDYOf 

Illegally Downloading Songs Will Cost This Woman $10,000 A Pop http://ow.ly/dDVRj 

This Lone Inventor Claims Facebook, Linkedin, and Amazon Stole His Patent http://ow.ly/dDVV1 

GOOGLE: We Didn’t Know You Could Patent Round Corners http://ow.ly/dDW5B


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