IP Address Blog Updates for September 13, 2012

University of California sues Facebook, Wal-mart over patents http://bit.ly/SHjYP6 via @ReutersLegal

Google, two labels spar on cloud music fees http://ow.ly/dGrlm 

Design – & protecting design – is becoming more important | Why Good Design Is Finally A Bottom Line Investment http://ow.ly/dGr7a 

US | Congress looks to tighten e-mail privacy law http://ow.ly/dGqaa 

Intellectual property news on Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s, Costco http://ow.ly/dGpYJ 

The Patent Clues to the Apple iPhone Beyond ‘5’ http://ow.ly/dGoPU 

The Balance Between Open Data and Privacy http://ow.ly/dGoje 

Smart planning if budget allows – file first to avoid TM squatters | WestJet trademarks potential names for regional carrier http://business.financialpost.com/2012/09/12/westjet-trademarks-potential-names-for-regional-carrier/

‘Smishing’ scams are latest cellphone threat http://ow.ly/dGniB 


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