IP Address Blog Updates for September 24, 2012

In Europe, Facebook Agrees to Stop Facial Recognition http://ow.ly/dVtqh 

Twitter CEO Says Users’ Tweets May Be Downloadable By Year’s End http://ow.ly/dVMo4 

Sanofi, Kweichow Moutai, Microsoft: Intellectual Property – Bloomberg http://ow.ly/dVMpQ 

Court favors Facebook in $9.5 million Beacon settlement http://ow.ly/dVNoy 

The Disappearing Web: Decay Is Eating Our History http://ow.ly/dVMRH 

Alcohol Branding | Heritage is More Than Just Flying the Flag http://ow.ly/dVMBl 

Apple Copied 68-Year-Old Swiss Clock Design, Railway Says http://ow.ly/dVMn0 

Universal wins U.S. approval to buy EMI http://ow.ly/dVLvm 

Apple’s Feud With Google Is Now Felt on the iPhone http://ow.ly/dVLzf 

SK Hynix Wins Sanction Against Rambus in Patent Lawsuit http://ow.ly/dVMtj 

Apple seeks U.S. Samsung sales ban, $707 million more in damages http://ow.ly/dVNz1 

Facebook tightens privacy to satisfy Irish regulator http://ow.ly/dVNuZ 

Guitar maker Born to Rock sues CafePress for use of “Born to Rock” on t-shirts http://ow.ly/dVO0E 

Privacy | Should identities in Canadian family law cases be made public? http://ow.ly/dVLp7 

US | Internet Radio Royalty Bill Would Change Rate-Setting Standard http://ow.ly/dVLFV 

Data Analysts Seek to Make Social Media More Useful http://ow.ly/dVMSR 

Twitter CEO promises interactive tweets, defends curbs http://reut.rs/P7aF5h 

>233 million domain names in the world http://bit.ly/P6bxam  via @NetNamesDomains @jeromemcd

NHL losing the war on social media http://ow.ly/dTsj8 

Samsung to add iPhone 5 to U.S. Apple lawsuits http://ow.ly/dS3jm 

The power of intellectual property | RIM stock edges higher on Microsoft licensing deal http://ow.ly/dOJVB 

Ottawa reviews code for credit cards with eye to smartphone payments http://ow.ly/dOK1B 

German watchdog warns of Internet Explorer breach http://ow.ly/dOK2g 

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