IP Address Blog Updates for September 25, 2012

TiVo, Verizon Settle Patent Suit http://ow.ly/dXNyX 

Top 10 biggest beer brands http://ow.ly/dXNB0 

French Wine Industry Upset Over American Labels http://ow.ly/dXMa3 

With Smartphone Deals, Patents Become a New Asset Class http://ow.ly/dXLyx 

Toys R Us sued by Nabi over kids tablet trade secrets http://ow.ly/dXMGk 

Facebook says reports of private messages on timelines not true http://ow.ly/dXMWb 

Facebook fights for deceased beauty queen’s privacy http://ow.ly/dXNLr 

Vuitton, Gucci Risk ’First-Mover Disadvantage’ in China http://ow.ly/dXNip 

White House said to plan executive order on cybersecurity http://ow.ly/dXNS7

Sep 27 event: http://bit.ly/ObgrqD


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