IP Address Blog Updates for September 26, 2012

Registration closes September 26 at 12 pm for LES Toronto Chapter’s Sep 27 event on tech transfer & start ups. Register at http://bit.ly/PWaB9E .

Intellectual Property: A New World of Royalties http://www.infoinc.com/LES/092412.cfm#607975 …

Canada-EU Drug Patents Provokes Backlash http://www.infoinc.com/LES/092412.cfm#607642 …

Twitter mulls a replacement for follower counts http://ow.ly/dZDrL 

US | Samsung goes after jury foreman in bid to reverse Apple verdict http://ow.ly/dZDt3 

Twitter CEO vows to defend users’ privacy http://ow.ly/dZI9g 

CEOs on Twitter: Fear Makes Some Executives Leery of Social Media http://ow.ly/dZHJE 

James Taylor Claims Warner Bros. Owes $2 Million http://ow.ly/dZHp6 

Wells Fargo website hit by access issues amid cyber threats http://ow.ly/dZI2W 

MLS house information seen as so private, Toronto Real Estate Board seeks to have public barred from Competition Tribunal hearing http://www.thestar.com/business/article/1261655–mls-house-information-seen-as-so-private-toronto-real-estate-board-seeks-to-have-public-barred-from-competition-tribunal-hearing

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner | Red flag raised over websites leaking private information http://ow.ly/dZDws 

Twitter users may be victims of direct message malware http://ow.ly/dZIyW 

A Kiss Doesn’t Last Forever: Lawsuit Targets Lipstick Claims http://ow.ly/dZHLS 

Privacy experts to ask FTC to probe Facebook-Datalogix deal http://ow.ly/dZICQ 


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