IP Address Blog Updates for October 2, 2012

Canada | Harper nominates Quebec judge Wagner to Supreme Court http://ow.ly/e9zNS 

Best Global Brands 2012 via @Interbrand http://ow.ly/e9mbP 

How Content Is Being Consumed On Mobile Devices http://ow.ly/e8Q7C 

BlackBerry’s brand value takes a hit http://ow.ly/e9lDg 

The State Of The Internet [SLIDE DECK] http://ow.ly/e8Smu 

Alibaba and the Copyright Pirates http://ow.ly/e8WVf 

Facebook explains ad moves to try to prevent privacy freakout http://ow.ly/e8WSQ 

Security hole exposes Twitter accounts to hacking, victim claims http://ow.ly/e8WJT 

Tivo’s Patent Need for Reinvention http://ow.ly/e8UNJ 

Apple’s IPhone 5 Infringes Patents, Samsung Says in Suit http://ow.ly/e8V7n 

Contest Winner Loses Prize for Using Web Forum http://ow.ly/e8Wmp 

Apple Warranty Ads Should Be Examined in EU, Reding Says http://ow.ly/e8Wjs 

Facebook Says Child Privacy Laws Should Not Apply to ‘Like’ Buttons http://ow.ly/e8Wk1 

The Histories Of 11 Super Famous Logos, From Apple To Levi’s http://ow.ly/e8T1S 

Stalling startups stretch Canada’s productivity gap: report http://ow.ly/e8THL 

Intellectual property news on Kimberly-Clark diaper patent litigation, Urban Outfitter’s Navajo trade-mark battle http://ow.ly/e8VdH 

Apple Warranty Ads Should Be Examined in EU, Reding Says http://ow.ly/e8VDl 

Mondelēz Ditches Kraft’s Name; Others Dump the Accent http://ow.ly/e8X0r 

US | Pandora Media could get major boost from new legislation http://ow.ly/e8SKR 

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate White House Military Network http://ow.ly/e8SPA 

Samsung Wins Court Order Lifting Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales Ban http://ow.ly/e8UTX 

Cisco, Motorola Solutions Accuse Patent Holder of Fraud http://ow.ly/e8V2t 

FTC Finalizes Green Guides, Puts Greenwashers on Notice http://ow.ly/e8X8v 

Top Ten Reasons Why Business Owners Should Care About Trademarks: a free, downloadable INTA presentation http://ow.ly/dXdNO  via @INTA

Counterfeit goods has moved into the shipping industry with a profusion of dangerous fake gases: http://ow.ly/e10zU via @UnrealCampaign

Goes to show anything can be counterfeit – including jobs! | Beware of these fake job offers http://ow.ly/e87bp 


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