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  • IP Address Blog Updates for October 26, 2012

    Next LES Toronto Chapter event is Wed, Oct 31, An Update on the Canadian Law of Disclaiming Licenses in Bankruptcy: http://bit.ly/WwH6kb .

    Next Ontario Bar Association IT & E-Commerce Section event is Nov 14, 12 pm on Insuring Against Cyberspace and Other Network Risks:  http://bit.ly/WwH37R 

    Hells Angels Sue Toys ‘R’ Us for Alleged trademark infringement http://ow.ly/eN0el 

    Canada Goose wins case against counterfeiters in Swedish court; awarded $105K http://ow.ly/eLa0j 

    Sellers of fake vintage Champagne sentenced and fined http://ow.ly/eIA1F 

    CBS Sued For Allegedly Stealing the Concept Behind ‘The Talk’ http://ow.ly/eIzMM 

    UK Advertising Standards Agency finds Dior mascara ad misleading, issues ban http://ow.ly/eIzWG 

    Boston wedding planner maintains the right to use BLUE IVY over Beyonce and Jay-Z http://ow.ly/eGA3U 

    California loosens restrictions on alcoholic beverage promotions and prizes http://ow.ly/eGeQm  via @WinstonAdvLaw

    Tim Tebow of New York Jets applies for TEBOWING US trademark registration http://ow.ly/eFhuH 

    The Canadian Trade-marks Office has made more than 300 changes to the Canadian Wares and Services Manual http://wp.me/piqLs-pX 

    Superdry takes action to prevent sale of grey goods in Makro http://ow.ly/eATkz 

    Canada | House of Commons employee charged with trying to hack Quebec government website http://ow.ly/eATj3 

    Branding – lessons from Lance Armstrong | Companies walk a tricky line with endorsements http://ow.ly/eATgO 

    A way to obtain trade secrets | Hackers can hijack a smartphone’s camera to find valuable objects/info http://ow.ly/ez5CH 

    Fake pharmaceuticals: Bad medicine http://ow.ly/evSxe 

    Newly Issued US Patent Bars 3D Printing Of Weapons, Food, Prosthetics, Even Human Skin http://ow.ly/erwZn 

    How To Create An Iconic Logo For Your Brand http://ow.ly/erxdt 

    ‘Superman’ Creator’s Family Does Battle With Warner Bros. Over Rights http://ow.ly/erwJ5 

    Canadian parliamentary debates | Canada’s 132-year-old Hansard system gets modern-day online upgrade http://ow.ly/esagz 

    Some of the world’s best retail brands are fighting demands by the Quebec government to alter their trademarks http://ow.ly/esamP 

    Stan Lee Media Sues Disney For Billions In Alleged Copyright Infringement http://ow.ly/erx4B 

    Full Disclosure Wine Labels Find That Few Even Read Them http://ow.ly/epOGk 

    U.S. court clears Samsung phone, hands Apple setback http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/11/us-apple-samsung-patent-idUSBRE89A11C20121011 …

    The intersection between wine & sports | What do Lionel Messi, Nick Faldo and Wayne Gretzky have in common? http://ow.ly/eoqro 

    In Cyberattacks on Banks, Evidence of a New Weapon http://ow.ly/eiKid 

    Privacy Advocates and Advertisers at Odds Over Web Tracking http://ow.ly/eiK66 

    Most Americans Are Wary of Being Tracked Online, Study Says http://ow.ly/ejxlB 

    In Technology Wars, Using the Patent as a Sword http://ow.ly/ei4dh 

    Privacy concerns | In Texas, Schools Use IDs to Track Students http://ow.ly/ehYcY 

    What You Must Know About Mobile Malware http://ow.ly/elRbW 

    The Marlboro Man’s Grisly Replacement http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-10-04/australias-gross-out-cigarette-warnings …

    Alibaba Starts to Weed Out the Fakes http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-09-27/alibaba-and-the-copyright-pirates …

    This raises interesting issues re 3-D printing | FYI: Is It Legal To 3-D Print A Handgun? http://ow.ly/efxLA

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