IP Address Blog Updates for October 31, 2012

The intellectual property fight over the Tough Mudder obstacle race http://ow.ly/eTNSh 

Anonymous takes aim at Zynga http://ow.ly/eTM8T 

FDA Warns Avon on Wrinkle-Product Claims http://ow.ly/eTK7d 

Packaging | Italy allows use of screwcap – with compromises http://ow.ly/eTLMo 

Microsoft Renews Relevance With Machine Learning Technology http://ow.ly/eTL25 

Experian Customers Unsafe as Hackers Steal Credit Report Data http://ow.ly/eTKUr 

Millions of SSNs lifted from South Carolina database http://ow.ly/eTM1j 

Canada’s copyright reform bill to become law soon, possibly November 7

Facebook Claimant Ceglia Charged With Faking Contract http://ow.ly/eTKOZ 

Startups face funding problem in Canada http://ow.ly/eTKtH 

Napa Winegrowers Win Brand Protection in China http://ow.ly/eTKIi 

Motorola Papers Temporarily Sealed in Apple-Samsung Suit http://ow.ly/eTKNl 

Atari Signs Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Hilco and Musterbrand http://ow.ly/eTJWY 

France considers legislation forcing Google to pay to cite news articles http://ow.ly/eTK8L 

Motorola Papers Temporarily Sealed in Apple-Samsung Suit http://ow.ly/ePSdq 

How counterfeiting affects Canada Goose http://ow.ly/ePRca 

Samsung Infringes Four Apple Patents, Trade Judge Says http://ow.ly/ePS9U 

How To Avoid Having Your Digital Life Erased http://ow.ly/eNXaZ


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