IP Address Blog Updates for November 14, 2012

Stark Wine to Diageo’s Stark Raving Wine: Get Off Our Lawn http://ow.ly/fhANc 

Budweiser Asks Paramount to Remove Beer Images From Film http://ow.ly/fhAx7 

EU General Court dismisses application to annul wine geographical indication for Tokaj http://ow.ly/fhAgY 

USA | Applicant’s Prior Use of PARLAY for Wine Was Not Unlawful Despite Lack of COLA Approval http://ow.ly/fhA5o 

The resurgence of the “Made in the U.S.A. brand” | ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ Has a New Meaning http://ow.ly/fdviQ 

Fight the Fakes: How to stop counterfeit spirits?http://ow.ly/fdva2 

Apple finally gets its patent on a rectangle with rounded corners http://ow.ly/f9WED 

Twitter users asked to reset passwords after security breach http://ow.ly/f8RLC 

How to Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away http://ow.ly/f82jP 

US | Why not Tweet how you voted? It may be against the law http://ow.ly/f4VOJ 

Article on how Facebook groups privacy settings can reveal info some would prefer to keep private http://ow.ly/f0SD7 

Pepsi beats small Welsh brewer in trademark tussle http://ow.ly/f11cu 

U.S. seeks computer geeks to guard against digital attacks http://ow.ly/eVEYC 

Twitter’s global reach continues to grow http://ow.ly/eVGf1 

Microsoft sued for alleged Live Tile patent infringement http://ow.ly/eVEpu 

United, Delta Said to be Warned by California on Privacy http://ow.ly/eTKX1


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