IP Address Blog Updates for November 27, 2012

Paul Ceglia Indicted for Faking Contract with Mark Zuckerberg re Facebook http://ow.ly/fC0nU 

Interesting article on one of the major bidders for the new bespoke gTLDs | Donuts Tries a Domain Grab http://ow.ly/fBZ3s 

Macy’s Thanksgiving parade confetti contained sensitive police documents http://ow.ly/fAiwO 

FBI uses Twitter, social media to look for securities fraud http://ow.ly/fzTfh 

Tech’s 8 Most Fearsome ‘Patent Trolls’ http://ow.ly/fy8tt 

Privacy in spotlight again with Facebook’s latest changes http://ow.ly/fvxvc 

Canada | Supreme Court refuses to hear Toronto billboard tax appeal http://ow.ly/fvxq5 

Hollywood’s IP Wars: Inside the Fight Over Trademarks http://ow.ly/fvsYs 

@tonywilsonlaw column features two of my favorite things – James Bond & branding | Branding lessons learned from 007 http://ow.ly/fu6kS 

Misleading advertising | Toronto college grads win class-action suit over misleading course description http://ow.ly/ft5ok 

Lululemon, Calvin Klein reach settlement on yoga pants http://ow.ly/fstBO 

Trade-mark Battle | Kiwi Winery Fights Off Mouton Rothschild http://ow.ly/frPJL 

Cisco Calls Patent Trolls Racketeers http://ow.ly/frPFx 

Cisco Calls Patent Trolls Racketeers http://ow.ly/frPBy 

Apple predicted to generate up to $280 million a year in HTC deal http://ow.ly/frPAa 

Apple, Google remain in talks to buy Kodak patents http://ow.ly/frPuX 

BMW, in a First, Shares Its Logo and Design Chops with Other Brands http://ow.ly/frPtP 

Cracker Barrel in licensing pact with Smithfield http://ow.ly/frPrn


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