IP Address Blog Updates for December 3, 2012

Twitter in legal spat with data reseller http://ow.ly/fLKNZ 

How Pentastar became Chrysler’s logo http://ow.ly/fKW0J 

The Twinkie Template For Building An Eternal Brand http://ow.ly/fLgmG 

Court approves Hostess liquidation; brands draw ‘furious’ interest http://ow.ly/fLglI 

Breach of IP agreement scam by Masatoshi Sugioka http://ow.ly/fIQYP 

Gap Sued by Shoe Designer Over Look-Alike Loafers http://ow.ly/fELgE 

Microsoft Patent Shows Which Direction Its AR Glasses Are Looking http://ow.ly/fFmKy 

CRTC to Rogers: Turn down the ad volume http://ow.ly/fFnd7 

TD Bank sues US author for intellectual property infringement http://ow.ly/fEpgr 

‘Locator’ microchip in student IDs sparks privacy, religious freedom fight http://ow.ly/fEoPK 

Nokia sues RIM over patents, threatens BlackBerry sales http://ow.ly/fEmao


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