IP Address Blog Updates for December 12, 2012

Starting a new whiskey company: If good whiskey takes years to mature, how do you start a new brand? http://ow.ly/g2H6o 

ATELIER for Tequila Confusable with ATELIER WINERY for Wine, Says TTAB http://thettablog.blogspot.com/2012/12/atelier-for-tequila-confusable-with.html …  via @TTABlog

Christmas and IP http://ow.ly/g2zUt 

Looking beyond the patent cliff http://online.barrons.com/article/SB50001424052748703555704578157382328150460.html?mod=BOL_hpp_mag#articleTabs_article%3D1 …

Theft of industrial secrets & corporate espionage | The Curious Case of Samsung’s Missing TVs http://ow.ly/g1hJK 

Fictional brands can yield very real profits | Pretend Profits http://ow.ly/g1iBX 

Wine vandalism: Draining mystery http://ow.ly/g1hgD 

U.S. sounds alarm on smartphone apps that snoop on children http://ow.ly/g1gV6 

Cyber-warfare: Hype and fear http://ow.ly/g1hzG 

IMPORTANT details on what you need to bring with you in order to be able to purchase New gTLDs Draw tickets. http://goo.gl/egpZ5  @ICANN

Auto rebranding of a sentimental fav (my Dad’s last car was a Lincoln) | Lincoln Wants to Torch the Airport Limo http://ow.ly/g1i4R 

Canada | Mobilicity ads ‘false and misleading,’ Telus lawsuit alleges http://ow.ly/g0lCx 

Facebook seeks to reassure users on data privacy http://ow.ly/g0lyk 

Wi-LAN sues RIM for Buetooth patent infringement http://ow.ly/g0lsA 

Tolkien Estate Sues Warner Bros. Over ‘Lord of the Rings’ Slot Machines http://ow.ly/fYoIm 

Canada’s annual alcohol sales to top $19 billion, wine grabs more share from beer http://ow.ly/fWpif 

Chick-fil-A Loses Effort to Shut Down Parody Website http://ow.ly/1Q13WZ  via @equitiesgroup @johnwright

Many Doctors Don’t Secure Medical Devices From Hackers, Study Finds http://ow.ly/fT03e 

The power of licensing | WVU trademark licensing is big business http://ow.ly/fOZOE 

NHL Lockout Wreaks Havoc on Licensing Deals, Memorabilia http://www.infoinc.com/LES/120312.cfm#620583 …

Disney Blasts Stan Lee Copyright Lawsuit Over Marvel Superheroes http://bit.ly/11t5NPc  via @nikkifinke via @abaipl

Enom releases the 5 most requested new gTLD extensions & categories –http://ow.ly/fOkmB  via @jamilaenta

Canada | Police seize millions in counterfeit goods http://ow.ly/fNt4Q 

Lincoln brand changes name as new MKZ goes on sale http://ow.ly/fNtsw 


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