IP Address Blog Updates for January 8, 2013

Canada’s Top 50 brands http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/rob-magazine/canadas-top-50-brands/article6736251/?page=all …

Social Media | The Most-Loved And Most-Hated Brands Of 2012 http://ow.ly/gAhy1 

QUIZ: Can You Spot the Knock-Off Handbags, Shoes, and Gadgets? http://ow.ly/guZJc 

Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Inadvertently Promotes Facebook’s New Privacy Controls http://ow.ly/gs7hh 

Health Canada caps caffeine in energy drinks http://ow.ly/gsfkk 

Beer branding – tapping into a profitable demographic? | Game of Thrones Beer is On its Way http://ow.ly/gsqJF 

Ontario | LCBO to open wine, liquor stores in some supermarkets http://ow.ly/gskzz 

Ontario pilot project to see liquor sold in 10 grocery stores | News | National Post http://ow.ly/gs3Rl 

Facebook Files for Trademark for ‘Poke’. http://ht.ly/gseXe 

The 25 Most Expensive Domain Names of All Time http://ow.ly/gl0da 

Facebook rejects German demand to allow fake names http://ow.ly/gdk0F 

Instagram trips over line between profit and privacy http://ow.ly/gdkja 

Samsung withdraws Apple suit in Europe http://ow.ly/gdki6 

Draft EU rules to open door to plain cigarette packets http://ow.ly/gdjZB 

Wine Applications: Results of the New gTLD Prioritization Draw http://ow.ly/gcs3v 

Twitter outrage as Instagram says it can use all photos in advertising http://ow.ly/gcCcF 

Canada | Airline fee ads must now show total – more or less http://ow.ly/gcB1w 

EU’s proposed anti-allergen law could put perfume makers out of business http://ow.ly/gaZmT 

Branding: “Your brand isn’t your logo.” http://ow.ly/gaos6 

An interesting perspective on counterfeits from the executives of Canada Goose | Counterfeit Christmas http://ow.ly/ga4e4 

U.S. moves to ban cyber-stalking smartphone apps http://ow.ly/ga2o5


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