IP Address Blog Updates for January 11, 2013

Vintage Packaging Designs Of Famous Brands http://ow.ly/gIBPA 

EU privacy laws to spell an end to Facebook for free? http://ow.ly/gIEkt 

Zynga’s Patent Portfolio Swells as it Doubles Down on Casino http://ow.ly/gIDg9 

Mobile Apps Drive Rapid Changes in Search Technology http://ow.ly/gIDl1 

Chinese Man Pleads Guilty in Copyright Violation Case http://ow.ly/gIDae 

Auto software | Ford, GM open their dashboards to third-party developers http://ow.ly/gIC19 

Obama signs Netflix-backed amendment to video privacy law http://ow.ly/gIEbr 

The Most Innovative Companies 2012 http://ow.ly/gIF1n via @BCG

The 2012 Patent Rankings: IBM on Top (Again), Google and Apple Surging http://ow.ly/gIBuj 

California Suggests Mobile App Privacy Guidelines http://ow.ly/gIBrd 

Another take on 2012 patent rankings | In The Mobile Patent Wars, Google Armed Up In 2012 http://ow.ly/gIDsZ 

Europe to Consider Creating Data Protection Regulator http://ow.ly/gIBnV 

Marketing: Champagen is from Champagne, unless it’s sold in the US | Obama inauguration “Champagne” angers French http://ow.ly/gIBWm 

He’s Canadian! | Meet Internet star @Cmdr_Hadfield http://ow.ly/gIC57 

Copyright | Teksavvy clients targeted in downloading case may lack representation http://ow.ly/gID0z 

With Black Crown, Budweiser Aims to Refresh the Brand http://ow.ly/gIDCN 

Superman Creator’s Heir Loses Ruling to Time Warner Over Rights http://ow.ly/gIDPY 

Update: GameStick Removed, Returned To Kickstarter After Copyright Complaint http://ow.ly/gIEDA 

Ericsson gives 2,500 patents to maker of ancient wireless browser http://ow.ly/gIEgO 

Lego Marvel Super Heroes revealed | http://l.gamespot.com/TIO57s  via @GameSpot @GameBizLaw

About time? Richemont wins $100 million US lawsuit vs. websites selling counterfeit watches e.g.Cartier& Dunhill http://www.watchpro.com/14476-richemont-wins-100m-battle-against-counterfeiters/ …

A look at 2012’s most sensational trademark stories: http://goo.gl/xNHh7  via @Interbrand

Licensing Executives Society Toronto Chapter’s next event is Jan 24 @ 12 p.m. on the US Supreme Court i4i patent decision w/ i4i’s Chairman & Director: http://bit.ly/UWoo3b 

Canada’s privacy watchdog offers alternative to Tories’ Internet bill http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/article/1311957–canada-s-privacy-watchdog-offers-alternative-to-tories-internet-bill …


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