IP Address Blog Updates for January 18, 2013

Game developers urge balanced approach in Biden probe of violence http://ow.ly/gVyyZ 

After a year in the grave, can SOPA and Protect IP return? http://ow.ly/gVyxx 

This Google patent application had us at ‘laser keyboard’ http://ow.ly/gVynH 

Congressman touts draft bill aimed at mobile app privacy http://ow.ly/gVyjR 

Apple Says Appeals Court Hobbles Its Fight With Samsung http://ow.ly/gVxfU 

US | Video Games are Now Cigarettes with New Proposed Taxes, Labels and Restrictions http://ow.ly/gVxag 

Computer virus shuttered U.S. power plant http://ow.ly/gVuyx 

Hong Kong considers deleting director’s ID Nos. & addresses from corporate database for privacy, raises fraud concerns http://ow.ly/gVvxT 

Crowdfunding Efforts Draw Suspicion http://ow.ly/gVvoX 

Megaupload piracy: Canada rejects U.S. request for server contents http://ow.ly/gVuI3 

Europe Weighs Requiring Firms to Disclose Data Breaches http://ow.ly/gVubP 

A Hacker Says Smart Grid Can Be Penetrated http://ow.ly/gVu9q 

Good news for photographers & those emailing large files? | Duke Researchers Develop a New Way to Compress Images http://ow.ly/gVu4j 

All The Facebook Privacy Settings You Need To Change Before Using The New Graph Search http://read.bi/13IbSsl 

Today in legal history: Jan. 17, 1984, SCOTUS decides recording TV on VHS for personal use constitutes fair use. http://reut.rs/YbE7PQ 

No, You Can’t Sell Those Pictures You Found on Twitter http://www.slaw.ca/2013/01/17/no-you-cant-sell-those-pictures-you-found-on-twitter/ …


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