IP Address Blog Updates for January 22, 2013

Crowdsourcing as a way to defend against patent disputes http://ow.ly/h0Fvi

Google Declares War on the Password http://ow.ly/h0Ebh

Obscurity: A Better Way to Think About Your Data Than ‘Privacy’ http://ow.ly/h0FYt

Did Glee Rip Off a Jonathan Coulton Cover of ‘Baby Got Back’? http://ow.ly/h0Efv

Researchers Warn: Mega’s New Encrypted Cloud Doesn’t Keep Its Megasecurity Promises http://ow.ly/h0ESX

Sports innovation | New Floor System Changes According To Different Sports http://ow.ly/h0EnS

With Graph Search, Facebook Bets on More Sharing http://ow.ly/h0Eez

The Dying Business Of Email Spam http://ow.ly/h0EHu

Beam Inc. to sell select brands, including Canada House Canadian, to Luxco http://ow.ly/h063v

Growth: The great innovation debate http://ow.ly/h0GXQ

Music copyright | Myspace Is Accused of Using Music Without Permission http://ow.ly/h0FMp

Canadian student expelled for playing security “white hat” http://ow.ly/h0Ezv

Kim Dotcom re-enacts raid, arrest for launch of new Mega site http://ow.ly/h0FWC

The intersection between analog & digital | App Helps Evaluate Luxury Watches http://ow.ly/h0Elp

Beer marketing | Labatt strikes back against Molson with Hockey Night deal http://ow.ly/h0GGW

American Airlines Undergoes Rebranding, Unveils New Logo and Look http://ow.ly/h0FUN

Atari files for bankruptcy, seeks French divorce http://ow.ly/h04hk

Selling Newfoundland: Province fights copy-cat tourism ads http://ow.ly/h049t

Can You Identify Logos When The Words Are Removed? http://ow.ly/gYKxS


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