Canada’s Competition Bureau targeting bamboo fabrics

The Competition Bureau recently announced that it is taking steps to ensure that bamboo fabrics are labelled and marketed in accordance with Canadian laws. Under Canada’s Textile Labelling Act (“TLA”) and associated regulations, “bamboo” is not an acceptable generic name for a textile fibre unless the fibre consists of natural bamboo that has been mechanically … Continue reading

Canada’s Competition Bureau issues reminder about metal jewellery quality marks

The Competition Bureau has issued a reminder quality marks requirements for precious metal jewellery. Such markings are not required, but must meet specific criteria if applied to precious metal jewellery imported tinto or sold in Canada.

City of Toronto considering trans fat ban

Toronto’s public health department, Toronto Public Health, is considering regulating the trans fats content of food absent federal regulation. Toronto Public Health recently announced a survey of the trans fat content of food available at Toronto grocery stores and restaurants.